VIDEO – Back from Iraq and out of work

VIDEO – Back from Iraq and out of work


My buddy Chad Sowash was featured on CNN recently. If you don’t know Chad (and you should) be sure to check out his blog – The Chad.


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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. AvatarMark Cummuta says

    As a US Marine back in the ’80’s (once a Marine, always a Marine), it can be a difficult transition for some young Marines to make. They are used to solid commitments, assignments and duties to perform, with critical, even life-critical deadlines. Further, Marines are the best fighting force in the world because we are taught, trained and practice distributed leadership, that is, taking personal responsibility to accomplish our and our team’s assigned goals. These are all the same qualities that businesses are looking for – its just a matter of showing transitioning Marines how best to describe these skills, training and experiences in terms that hiring managers are used to seeing. Resume writers and interview coaching.

    I write about job search techniques in my blog for CIO Magazine (CIO Job Search: A Real Life Chronicle), including several posts specifically for transitioning military. I encourage your readers to take a look, since the first dozen posts or so are the steps to creating a job search project plan.

    Semper Fi!!

    Mark Cummuta
    CIO Job Search: A Real Life Chronicle


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