Ep 22 – How HR Should Work With Vendors with William Tincup

In this episode of the Workology Podcast, William Tincup gets real discussing the intricate dance and relationship between human resources and the vendors who provide this fine industry services and technology.

Episode 22 – How HR Should Work with Vendors with William Tincup (@williamtincup)

The HR and recruiting technology landscape is a busy one these days. In January, we’ve had a number of notable fundings for new emerging HR technology companies including Glassdoor, TinyPulse and Apploi. Chances are that you, as a human capital leader are adding new HR technology and or services to your existing HR and/or recruiting department. Once the sales process happens and you sign on the dotted line, the customer and vendor relationship really begins and usually only then do we start thinking about the expectations between these two parties. If we are in a relationship, we should be thinking about expectations, dreams, and aspirations… Essentially, how you and your vendor can grow old together. We’re here to talk about that today.

William Tincup shares exclusive insights from his first research report from Key Interval on the relationship between HR practitioners and the vendor community. As always William offers a unique point of view and look into the question that every HR marketer and CEO is asking, “What does HR want?” It reminds me of a Mel Gibson movie. Maybe that’s something Top Recruiter can look into producing…

William’s interview is awesome, and it was great to catch up. Connect with him on LinkedIn and give the podcast a listen. Resources from the podcast are listed below.



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