US Social Media by the Numbers – May 2012

How Can, Do, & Should HR and Recruiters Use Social Media?

I find myself finishing up my social media presentation for the Annual SHRM2012 Conference where I’m going to be speaking twice.  The first, Carrie Corbin (@thealphafemme) and myself will be presenting our Social Media 101 Workshop on Sunday, June 24th from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM as part of the pre-conference festivities in Atlanta.  The second session is Tuesday, June 26th at 10:45 AM where I’m leading a concurrent session titled, “How Social Media Changes HR.”  For both sessions, Carrie as well as myself will be referencing the ToolBox HR Resource site I have set up to supplement the conference and any conversations surrounding social media, HR and recruiting.

How US Time is Spent on Social Media

The graphic you see below, will be part of my slide deck for my SHRM Annual Conference presentation(s).  These are the most recent numbers I can find when it comes to social media usage in the United States.  For more informatino on how social media is being used in recruitment in a global context specifically when it comes to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, visit the blog post I wrote earlier last week.  To view the sources of the information, visit my bundled link included in the graphic.

Some highlights from the graphic.  All the numbers in the colored bubbles are listed in minutes:

  • Facebook users in the US average 393 minutes a month.  That’s about 6 and a half hours.
  • Pinterest users are now 97% female and they are more likely to buy products than Facebook.  I wonder how this will integrate into higher, employment branding, and the job search.
  • Although Google + boasts 170 million users, these individuals only spend 6 minutes each month.  Keep in mind the useage numbers are US based while the user numbers are global.
  • Is MySpace making a comeback?  My opinion is no but faithful fans of music and art in the US are spending 12 minutes a month on the site.  I broke up with MySpace long ago and deleted my account.

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