Top Sessions in the #SXSW Lineup for Workplace, HR, & Recruiting

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In our yearly installment of Top Sessions in the 2014 SXSW Lineup for Workplace, HR, and Recruiting we are taking a look at sessions and meetups that you must attend in order to gain valuable insights in the HR, Workplace, and Recruiting industry. While there are 100s of sessions to attend, here is my advice in what panels you should pick to increase your knowledge in these areas.

FYI Managers: People Don’t Want to Work at Home: It’s true – studies show people prefer working from an office, but the growing list of today’s unusual perks (onsite haircuts, slides and bowling alleys) do little to address the real plight of today’s office worker: an environment that optimizes efficiency.  View Full Description.

Workplace Redesign: The Big Shift from Efficiency: We have become adept at applying design thinking and methodologies to the design of products and customer engagement experiences. Isn’t it about time we apply this same thinking to our own work environments? View Full Description.

Millennials As Supervisors: Strategies for Success: The Millennial generation, born between 1980-2000, is moving into manager and leadership positions rapidly with a desire to excel. They have a workplace style that is vastly different than their predecessors. View Full Description.

Welcoming the Robot Workforce: In the near future, humans will increasingly rely on robots to manage agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and security. Advanced human-robot interaction will transform industries and change the way we think about the workforce.  View Full Description.

Work Meets Personal: Game Changer on Mobile: Is mobile the game changer when work meets personal life? Find out here. View Full Description.

How to Build Culture in a Distributed Company: Are you a company with several areas of focus? This session will teach you how to build a successful work culture when your spaced all over the place. View Full Description.

Workhacking Away from ‘Business As Usual: Learn how to increase productivity at work with this Workhacking Away with the VP of Cisco Systems Inc. View Full Description.

Science of Weird: Why Weirdos Outperform Normals: We all have those classic workplace weirdos. Learn why they constantly outperform then normal office workers by the CMO of Salesforce. View Full Description.

Did we miss a great panel or session? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

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