5 Top Company Perks That Attract Qualified Job Candidates

Best Employee Perks That Your Employees Want

Best Employee Perks That Your Employees Want

The ultimate success of your business can hinge upon the quality of the candidates you recruit when hiring. Often, to get the best and brightest candidates to take positions within your business, you have to offer them something extra special. Some companies elect to offer these desirable and most qualified candidate salaries so high they can’t refuse. While this is an option, it isn’t always the best one. Instead of blowing your hiring budget by shelling out more cash than you should to secure those candidates, offer them other company and employee perks that will take less of a bite out of your budget.

  • Tuition Reimbursement – Offering your staff the opportunity to better themselves on your dime can be quite enticing to many would-be job takers. Giving your workers the opportunity to enroll in a degree-granting online education program while working for you will likely make them feel that you care about them as more than just workers, but instead as people. This in turn can result in a sense of loyalty, which can be good for both the employee and the business.
  • Flexible Scheduling – It can be difficult to balance work with the requirements of home life. By allowing your workers to largely set their own schedule, you can make this balancing act easier and likely attract workers. Though you may not be able to allow your staff complete liberty to come and go as they please, you can allow them the opportunity to set up four-day work weeks for themselves or let them pick their starting and stopping times. This employee workplace flexibility will likely pay off not only in improved employee morale, but also potentially in increased productivity as happy workers are often naturally more productive.
  • Ample Vacation – Regardless of how much the workers who make up your team love their jobs, there will be times when they tire of the daily grind and require a break. By giving your workers more vacation time than the norm, you can attract high-quality workers to join your ranks. Whether its PTO, vacation time, or a handful of floating holidays, time off is an effective employee recruitment and retention tool.  If you elect to offer a large amount of vacation time, make this known when recruiting candidates so they can consider it among other deciding factors when determining whether or not to take the job you offer.
  • Comfortable Office Space – Draw high-quality workers to your workplace by making the space itself somewhere that workers want to be. Follow the lead of many Fortune 500 companies and design your office space with employee comfort in mind. Resist the urge to fill your space with cubicles, but instead create an open-concept floor plan. Populate your cafeteria with furniture that begs to be sat in and create lounge spaces that allow workers to escape their hectic schedules. When potential new employees see this environment, they may be more eager to accept the position you offer as they’ll want to spend time in such a carefully crafted office space.  Companies like Fog Creek Software let their developers purchase any office equipment and computers making their workspace more comfortable.  In the competitive computer programmer marketplace, this is a low cost option compared to turnover and hiring cost of talented developers.
  • Free Memberships – People love getting things for free. Make your employees feel the endorphin rush that accompanies getting a good deal by offering them free memberships. If you run a business that specializes in producing written content, for example, offer your employees free memberships in national writing organizations. Similarly, if your office is filled with young and vibrant workers who appreciate physical activity, consider purchasing memberships to the local gym for each of your employees. It should be noted that employees who are physically fit have more energy and a better ability to set and achieve goals in their jobs.

Recruit and Retain Employees with Employee Perks Program

Even if your budget is not flush with extra funds, allowing you to offer sizable salaries, you can still recruit top quality and qualified workers. In many cases, you can get top-notch candidates to join your ranks simply by offering them a little something extra. Not only will these added perks help you build a staff of competent, reliable workers, it may also make it easier for you to retain them as lifelong members of your team.

Matt Herndon, @Just_Matt_is a freelance writer. He lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife and kids. He writes on behalf of American InterContinental University.

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