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Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week for April 7-13th

This week’s top 5 workplace blogs is themed “I’m back from vacation and I’m finally all caught up!” Who doesn’t love the feeling of working hard, but playing harder, then working harder again to get caught up from playing hard? Confusing? Not really. That’s me.

  • Texts Instead of Email? This is an interesting concept, because when I worked for someone prior and even now a lot of my communication with clients etc. is through text instead of email, is email slowly dying? Click here.
  • Hello, City: The 10 Best Places For New College Graduates: Looking for a new job? These are the top ten cities to go for a new job. Click here.
  • Hiring Best Practice Using the Rule of Thirds: Finding the perfect candidate consists of a formula simliar to that of a great picture. Do you follow the rule of thirds?  Click here.
  • The 10 Most Influential HR Practitioners: Have you always wondered who is leading the pack in the HR Practitioners world? Here is one man’s take on it. Do you agree?  Click here.
  • You May Love Your Job but You Suck At It: Do you love your job, but just can’t get the hang of it? You’re not the only one.. Click here.

And our top blog post of the week on Blogging4Jobs is. . .

  • Five Steps to Better Wage and Hour Compliance: Written by Mike Haberman, he speaks on the importance of better wage and hourly compliance as it relates to your workforce.  Click here.

What blog post or article did you enjoy reading this week? Please share by leaving a comment below.

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