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Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top Workplace Blogs of the Week. These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space. We serve as your weekly recap of top blogs that we’ve read throughout the week. If we’ve missed any, let us know.


External Hires are Sexier: We have all seen this phenomenon where hiring from the outside of an organization always causes more interest. The question becomes how can you maintain your sexiness while being a loyal employee? Read More.

Employer’s Guide to the Holidays: With all that holiday cheer in the air it can be easy to get caught up in it all and make any of these disastrous mistakes. Don’t be that person. Read More.

Why Engagement is the Wrong Word: One would think that an engaged employee is the same as a happy employee, but that doesn’t always ring true. Therefor it may be time for us all to stop talking about employee engagement and start a conversation about employee happiness. Read More.

Five Tips For Getting Over Your Egotistical Co-workers: Do you work with one of those people who just take themselves way to seriously? They consider their contributions to be a gift to mankind? Read More.

KARMA: Don’t Spit Into the Wind…: What goes around comes around and that couldn’t be more true in some of these bonehead situation. Read and find out how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot at work. Read More.


4 Steps to Prepare for the Future of Your Workplace: The New Year is coming in fast and everyone making their predictions in for what the next year will hold. Regardless of what will happen it’s best to try and prepare. Read More.

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