Top 30 Blogging4Jobs Posts of 2015: #1-15

We are counting down Blogging4Jobs’ top 30 posts of 2015. Find part one, with posts 30 to 16 here.

Top 30 Blogging4Jobs Posts of 2015

#15 How to: Recruiting On Twitter

Social recruiting sounds great, doesn’t? It sounds natural and even obvious. But when it comes to the nitty gritty of social recruiting, well, it’s less clear – just how do you craft a Facebook post that will attract the candidates you want? Or a tweet that will get retweeted widely?

#14 How to: More Recruiting On Twitter

You thought I was exaggerated, didn’t you? But no, social recruiting dominated the conversation this year on Blogging4Jobs and elsewhere. Our ongoing series on social recruiting was consistently popular with readers – and us!

#13 Behind the Trend

Employee engagement was a hot topic in 2015, but what really is employee engagement and what are we engaging our employees for? Is engagement itself the end goal? Is it sustainable?

#12 How to: Put Data to Work

You want your hiring to be data-driven, don’t you? Of course you can trust your gut when it comes to assessing a candidate, but it’s so much better to have data to back your gut up. Data-driven hiring isn’t so much about collecting new data as it is about putting the data you already have to work. Trust me, you’ve got lots of data on your potential and new hires. You just need the right tools to organize and analyze it.

#11 How to: Adulting in the World of Work

Every once in a while you discover a hitherto unknown gap in your business knowledge. Something obvious. Something basic. Like, how do I write an upbeat resignation letter? How do I eat soup at a luncheon? And most importantly, according to this top 30 list, how do I write the perfect thank you note? Adulting. It is a complicated business.

#10 Where’s the Escape Hatch?

What to do when your workplace is toxic? Other than flee, I mean. We’ve all experience toxic work environments and chances are we underestimated the effects that toxicity had our mental health and quality of life. And too, the impact it had on our productivity and the quality of our work. So what can we do, other than bury our heads in the sand or run?

#9 Personal Branding for Job Seekers

If you’re a savvy user of social media, you already have a personal brand and you’re well aware of what it is. Social media isn’t just about being social, it’s about curating your presence in social media – your brand. But how can you leverage that for job seeking? Well, first off, delete all the party pics from Facebook…

#8 Night of the Living Performance Review

Performance PLAN. Not review. Performance plan. Phew. Ok, we aren’t talking about the dreaded performance review, but how does one develop a solid performance plan for employees? I’m so glad you asked, because we’ve got a – popular! – post for that.

#7 It’s 3AM. Do you know what your inbox is doing?

Unsurprisingly, overtime and off-the-clock work continued to be a big topic of conversation in 2015. After all, it’s one of those fundamental HR problems I talked about yesterday – those people problems that ensure that HR as we know it is here to stay.

#6 Professional Development in the 21st Century

You’re certified. You’re experienced. You’ve seen it all. But now, the future of HR requires new skills. Oh no! Don’t worry, these new skills area already making their way into your skill set as workplaces roll out new HR technologies and initiatives. Machine learning? You got this.

#5 Back to Basics: Onboarding

Want to retain that new hire? The window in which your company can make a strong first impression on your new hires is small. You’d better make the most of it.

#4 How to: Be the Best You

I could spin out a tortured metaphor about how planning your professional development is a lot like planning to go to war, but I bet you already know the cliches. Professional development isn’t something to think about when year-end bonuses are being handed out or when the new year rolls around; it should be ongoing and strategic and a guiding principle of our career decisions.

#3 Remember the Good

Yesterday we had a post by a former HR professional. Today we have post by an HR professional who’ll never leave. When you’re at your most stressed, remember the good parts of being in HR!

#2 How to: Instagram Your Way to Recruiting Success

Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat aren’t obvious venues for recruitment and employer branding. Sure, lots of star candidates are using these platforms, but they aren’t using them to look for jobs. Employer branding on social media is a long game, but it’s one you can win with the right tools.

#1 SHRM-CP! Wat Do?

I’m so happy this our top post for 2015 because it is one of the HRest of HR posts. Mysterious abbreviation? Check. Credentials on credentials on credentials? Check. Uncertain implications? Check check check.


So that’s it, folks, our top 30 posts of 2015! They run the gamut from explainers to trend pieces, but what they have in common is passion for the work that we do. Social recruiting dominated 2015 – I can’t wait to see what we’ll talk about, and how HR will continue to evolve, in 2o16.

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