Top 10 Sessions in the 2013 SXSW Lineup for Workplace, HR, and Recruiting

In our yearly installment of Top 10 Sessions in the 2013 SXSW Lineup for Workplace, HR, and Recruiting we are taking a look at sessions and meetups that you must attend in order to gain valuable insights in the HR, Workplace, and Recruiting industry. While there are 100s of sessions to attend, here is my advice in what panels you should pick to increase your knowledge in these areas.

The Real Problem with Hiring : It’s Way Too Easy (Friday March 8th, 5 PM) Almost everyone will tell you hiring is a huge challenge. But consider how much we suck at picking people; look at marriage success rates. The real problem is that hiring is actually way too easy to do. It’s as simple as saying, “You’re hired.” View Full Description

Declaring War on IT Turnover (Saturday March 9th, 12:30 PM) We have become a job-hopping culture. Company ‘lifers’ that maintain a career and knowledge in just one company for most of their working lives are essentially extinct. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers stay with their jobs an average of 4 years. In IT, the trending number is less. View Full Description

Your Desk Job Makes You Fat, Sick & Dead (Saturday March 9th, 3:30 PM) The productivity of the average worker has skyrocketed thanks to technology, but it comes at the price of a sedentary lifestyle. Mounting research suggests that sitting at your desk for eight hours a day can have a dramatic impact on your health. In the 1960s, nearly half of all jobs required physical activity. Today, less than 20% do. View Full Description

Praise & A’s: Maximizing a Millennial Workforce (Sunday March 10th, 3:30 PM) By 2014, Millennials (born between 1980-1995) will make up 36% of the workforce. This new group of workers, raised with technology and praise, brings a new set of expectations and demands. They were parented by overachieving Baby Boomers and GenXers who had their children running the rat-race in kindergarten. Primed at an early age to always think about their college application, these kids grew up in an era of grade inflation, extensive participation in extracurricular activities, and minimal free-range play. View Full Description

Millennials Speak Out: How to Manage the GenX Boss (Monday March 11th, 11 AM) The media is flooded with stories of this new generation of workers, their need for constant praise, and perceived sense of entitlement. Millennials are described as arrogant, needy, and lacking in the work ethic found in the generations that came before. Research shows that Millennials are confident, interested in personal growth & communication, and have a quick ability to learn new technology. View Full Description

Destroy Your Cubicle: Make the World Your Office (Tuesday March 12th, 11 AM) “The place we choose to live affects every aspect of our being. It can determine the income we earn, the people we meet, the friends we make, the partners we choose, and the options available to our children”. View Full Description

There Is an “I” in T-E-A-M (Monday March 11th, 11:15 AM) For years, the preferences of individuals, or “I’s”, have largely been ignored in favor of the Team. Organizations have eagerly implemented team-building exercises and trendy collaboration tools to support team effectiveness and productivity; but in doing so, have overlooked individual work styles and preferred tools, leaving individual employees feeling frustrated and unempowered. View Full Description

Ok, Women Can’t Have It All, but Maybe No One Can (Monday March 11th, 1230 PM) Anne-Marie Slaughter writes an open letter stating she never felt she could manage her job and have a healthy family life. Marissa Mayer becomes CEO of Yahoo! and announces she’s pregnant and working through maternity leave. Sheryl Sandberg gains attention with a somewhat contradictory suggestion that women need to step up, not take no for an answer, and work harder. View Full Description

Culture Is King: An Integrated Life Approach (Tuesday March 12th, 11 AM) Survey after survey shows that strong organizational culture and philanthropic focus hold an increasing amount of weight for prospective employees when choosing a job. Yet, too often, employees are asked to check the other important aspects of their lives at the door when they come to work each day. View Full Description

South By Southwest 2013 Offers Something for Everyone. HR Included.

Now that you’ve got your tickets in hand and we’re here to offer you a few more tips on what to expect during South By Southwest. Check out our Beginner’s Guide and don’t forget to register for Social Siesta on Saturday, March 9th from 1-3 PM.

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