Top 10 HR Predictions for 2014 #HRTechConf

Since HR Technology drives HR practices and activities, here are the top ten HR predictions for 2014. These predictions are built around HR technology.

Top 10 HR Predictions for 2014

Virtual teams will be managed more effectively and increase in numbers. Despite news of Yahoo! killing off their virtual teams, I believe that virtual teams will keep overhead down and dominate the market.

HR data will be just as prominent and secure in the cloud as onsite. As technology continues to develop we’ll be confident that our data is secure in the cloud.

Mobile tools will reign supreme. We’re working in an age where most of the content we search for is done on our mobile devices. In 2014 we’ll be applying for jobs and doing everything on mobile that we once did on a desktop.

Big data will be bigger then ever. Right now we’re using big data, but not to it’s full extent. I think in 2014 big data will be bigger then ever.

Gamification will still be here. Gamification is continued to be talked about in the HR space and I predict that in 2014 it’ll still be around, maybe even more prominent.

HR will “see the light.” Analytics is a big thing. I think in 2014 HR departments across the world will finally “see the light” and make it a crucial part of their business practices.

Social Recruiting Tools will become more prominent. We’re starting to see social tools pop up that are HR-focused, but in 2014 we’ll see platforms and programs that are dedicated only to HR and recruiting.

HR Technology will explode. I think we’ve only seen the beginning of what HR technology looks like. In 2014 it’s going to be bigger then ever and vendors are going to fight to the death to have their technology in the hands of companies.

HR Solutions will become more data-focused. The programs used by HR professionals will help create more informed decisions because the data will be able to be sorted in a more efficient manner.

2014 will be the year of HR Technology.  Enough said.

Do you agree? What are some of your predictions? Let us know in the comments!

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. Smarterer says

    Enjoyed the read, Blake. As Steven said technologies are changing nearly every industry, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

    I’m personally interested to grow on your first point, and figure out how effectively a ‘team intimacy’ can gel and survive over long distances.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Blake McCammon says

    Thanks for the comments.

    I think the main point of this blog is that yes, technology will revolutionize any industry that uses it in the right way, but I think Human Resources is really gaining momentum in the space and it’s going to play an even bigger role in 2014 just based on what has happened up to this point in 2013. But I agree Steven, Tech does play a huge role in every industry.

    Joe – I think it takes a lot of work and constant communication. I work remotely and there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not talking to someone within our organization. Even if it’s small, we’re always communicating. That’s the main key in the remote workforce. It’s always a great perk that companies should have, not only does it make workers happier, but it lowers overhead.

  3. Paula Clapon says

    A good read! Thanks!

    I think Employee Engagement and Workplace Happiness are also two important HR trends for 2014.

    Companies are starting to manage talent instead of just using it.

    Here are some of my thoughts on companies building communities – ttp://

    What do you think?

    Have a happy day!



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