Top 10 Companies Using Instagram for Employer Branding

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*This post was updated as of January 2017 to reflect follower counts and those companies active on Instagram. 

People love pictures. Since Instagram was founded back in 2010 the idea of sharing a story of your life with pictures has become the newest crave. It wasn’t long before employers started using Instagram to share their culture through pictures. Companies have taken the phrase, “A picture says a thousand words” quite literally and have been able to share their story and culture through pictures.

Every day we see new Instagram accounts from employers who are trying to be hip with the latest trend. Without sounding too buzzy, Instagram has become one of the meccas for employer branding. The use of pictures in telling a story of not your personal life, but a real and authentic look inside your company is how employers are using Instagram.

Companies using Instagram for Employer Branding



On of the leading companies in employer branding, Zappos, is continuing leading the charge in the ways they use social media. Their Instagram page, InsideZappos, gives a real look into the culture. From funny memes to an inside look into their new onsite workout studio, Zappos is constantly making big waves.



Want to work at Starbucks? Their Starbucks Jobs page goes takes a closer look at their employees, awards, and application opens. Find out what it looks like to be a Starbucks employee without having to work there. Starbucks owns the Instagram careers page by the sheer number of followers.



110 locations, 79 countries, and 19 brands means the career opportunities are endless with Marriott. Their Instagram page shows such a diverse behind the scenes look at one of their several brands. From highlighting employees to showcasing the diversity of their own brand, Marriott is doing their careers Instagram justice.



Microsoft’s career Instagram account is all about, “Showcasing the world of working at Microsoft through vivid imagery.” Get an inside look into the software giant through unique pictures that take a different look at the behemoth.



Wanting a #dreamjob? Salesforce shows what its like to work at Salesforces and promotes that it’s not just a job, it’s a #dreamjob. Take a look at employees, their culture, and their big conference, Dreamforce through their career-related Instagram account.



Amtrak is always doing exciting things when it comes to social media. Their Instagram states, “The success of our #railroad is a result of our #employees.” Amtrak’s recruiters are all over their Instagram account showcasing employees, celebrities, and their overall operations.



VMWare uses their Instagram account to highlight employees and the culture behind their entire brand. By hosting specific chats like #VMwomenChat they are pushing boundaries by giving their employees a chance to shine by profiling several employees regardless of their title or department.



Verizon Careers takes a different approach when it comes to their Instagram account. They post helpful tips on how to get a job, regardless of it being Verizon or not. It also gives information on what a star employee looks like at Verizon. Looking for help on your job search? Use Verizon as a jumping point and who knows, you might find a job you like with Verizon.



Even though they don’t boost a lot of followers the media conglomerate who just bought VocusPR uses Instagram to showcase their employees, field trips with the company and fun pictures about the inside look of the company.

Yelp Careers


The search giant that connects people with local businesses takes the last stop in our Top 10 companies using Instagram for corporate culture. Their Instagram reflects their fun, spirited culture and gives good insights into what it truly looks like to work for Yelp.

As you can tell the Instagram career pages don’t have the most followers, but these companies who are using Instagram to recruit are doing so to create an experience and give a real look into the lives of their employees, their daily culture, and a true experience of what it would like if someone got a job at the company. This entire process is still extremely new, but I predict companies are going to start looking for multiple ways to showcase their employer brand and Instagram might be that medium.

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Learn more about Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource, and the host of the Workology Podcast. More of her blogs can be found here.

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  1. Connor Ondriska says

    What I find interesting about this list – are the numbers. I suppose it’s a simple reminder that, even with online interactions, we should be worried about the quality, and not quantity of our viewership.

    Seeing these numbers make’s me think of Seth Godin’s concept of creating a tribe. A small, focused group of die hard fans.

  2. Raj Suri says

    Hi – just wanted to let everyone know that Intel also has an Instagram account for employer branding. @jobsatintel – thanks!

  3. Jessica Masterson says

    Great list, some of my accomplished peers I see here. Well done! At Allstate, we use Instagram (@allstate_careers) to tell our “Good Work. Good Life. Good Hands.” story, including our strong service/volunteerism (Good Hands) culture.


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