Time Off Manager by IronFlow: HR Tech Review

HR Tech Review

Earlier this year I made an announcement about some changes happening here on the site.  One of those changes included a twice monthly review of a human resources and recruiting product or service under what I’m calling “HR Tech Review.”  I want to give industry practitioners insights into new technology and services that goes beyond the trade show demo or sales call.  

In my mind, the best type of innovation happens out of necessity.  Time Off Manager by Ironflow Technologies—the latest tool in HR tech—is one of those great innovations born out of necessity. Jason Gendron, CEO of Iron Flow, is the mastermind behind the human resources technology used in Time Off Manager.   IronFlow Technologies innovation has been in business for 2 years starting, in December 2009 with the goal of building Time Off Manager.  TOM (short for Time Off Manager) was designed after Gendron and his team encountered challenges within his small business in keeping track of his employees time off requests, vacation balances and employee schedules.  His company wasn’t yet ready to throw down thousands—or potentially millions—of dollars investing in a large HRIS system and Excel reporting wasn’t providing everything that they needed. And so, Time Off Manager was born.

I like James Gendron.  He’s a developer and entrepreneur—not an HR pro—and designed a system keeping small to medium sized business human resource teams (or those with no HR team at all) in mind.  His product is also very nimble, and he is more than willing to adapt the product by including features and reporting options based on his current customer’s needs.  Company users log into the Time Off Manager website and are able to create customizable options and defaults specific to your company’s time off or vacation policies.

For example, TOM users can set paid holiday options; create rules for time off rollovers and employee vacation amounts based on their time of hire, tenure, or level within the organization.  The cost of the software is based on the number of employees within an organization and is offered as a monthly subscriber fee.  When an employee requests time off within the system, their manager is notified and they can approve or disapprove the request.   These time off requests integrate directly into any type of internet or email calendar system like iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook that supports iCalendar feeds only displays your time off.  This HR technology is extremely helpful for employees to manage their time off as well as for managers who need a reminder when team members are spending time away from the office.

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For small to medium sized businesses with more than 50 employees at a location and are qualified for FMLA, there is nothing more frustrating for HR than having to spend hours calculating rolling FMLA time used per employee. The Time Off Manager from Iron Flow makes doing so easy.  Designated managers and users can create an unlimited number of reports in formats including print and .pdf, or save as a .csv file.  Reports can be created for employee groups, by location, or for each individual employee.  The options are endless.

To learn more about Time Off Manager, visit their website and connect with them on Twitter, @timeoffmanager.

FTC Disclosure: I received compensation for mentioning and reviewing the product listed above as part of one of the services I offer my clients. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. Donna says

    I really need a secretary to keep track of all my obligations and appointments, but since I still don’t have the resources to hire one, something like this will have to do!

    • Jessica Miller-Merrell says


      I have an admin that goes through my email and helps me with project work. It is a lifesaver. I think this might be too for the very busy HR pro who works in a small business or startup.

      Thanks for the comment.



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