This HR Blogger’s Chasing Tail

This HR Blogger’s Chasing Tail

One of the most challenging pieces of blogging daily is not content creation but the act of creating the content.  Finding time or making time to write that daily blog post.  The struggle or juggle to create my daily content is a result of what I like to call chasing tail.

Working to catch up.  Racing the same race each and every day.  There has to be a way to be better productive.

As a busy mom who is also a small business, I don’t yet have a team of contractors or employees at my disposal.  The only one accountable is me and sometimes that really sucks.  Mainly because at the end of the day, I can’t pass the buck or force blame on anyone but myself.  And when can I find the time?  I’m too busy chasing tail.

I don’t have all the answers, but here are my current solutions:

  • Hire a Virtual Assistant. I’m biting the bullet and bringing on a virtual assistant.  The shear amount of emails and contact lists is mind boggling.  There are just not enough hours in the day to sort through all my virtual communication.  I need order and for there to be order, there has to be time to make it orderly.
  • Writing in Advance. While I advocate spontaneity when blogging, it’s important to balance that with a content reserve.  That means having 3-7 blog posts waiting in the wings to help me plan and execute my days when the internet isn’t my friend or inspiration doesn’t strike.
  • Boundaries. For me, I really am the girl who can’t say no.  It’s something I acknowledge and am working towards.  I can’t be everything to everybody no matter how hard I try.  That means being very selective with projects, partnerships, volunteer time both personal and business.
  • Showing Vulnerability. We’re not robots.  And if your boss is always expecting perfection, maybe it’s time to work somewhere else.  While I am a recovering  perfectionist, sometimes showing your vulnerabilities and human side is more powerful.  Because life is relationship based, and it’s our complexity and stories that move others.
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