The Top 48 Hash Tags for Job Seekers at #SXSW

If you’ve been on the hunt for a job in the last few years, you know what a tedious process it can be. It can really be rough out there so it’s no surprise that it’s not high on the list of things people love to do. But rest assured, job hunters. We have 25 secret weapons to make your search easier! From career advice to making connections to finding job openings, Twitter can be a powerful tool when you’re on the prowl.

Top Job Search Hash Tags for the SXSW Interactive Media Conference

Maybe you are heading to SXSW next week in Austin where it’s crazy interactive madness with over 40,000 attendees. That is a lot of tweets, posts, and status updates for recruiters to sort through on the social medias. And they are looking.  Recruiters using conference like SXSW to recruit and source candidate on Twitter and in person at job fairs and different specific sessions and industries at conferences and events. Obviously, Twitter hash tags for the 2013 SXSW Interactive Media Conference and every SXSW are easy.  There’s #SXSW, #SXSWI and #techcareerexpo but what about other hash tags for before, during, and after SXSW?

The best way to utilize Twitter in your job hunt is to search and tweet using has tags, which help to give your tweets context and identify keywords or themes. Use these top 25 hash tags in your job search – you’ll be surprised at some of the great resources you find.

1.     #Jobposting – For obvious reasons, this is one of the top keywords used in recruiting on Twitter. Search for it and you’ll find dozens of job postings.

2.     #Hiring – This keyword is frequently included in tweets from hiring managers and HR professionals and usually means that there’s a position open and ready to be filled.

3.     #Recruiting – Similar to the hash tag above, this is a simple but powerful keyword you should be searching with when you’re looking for a new job.

4.     #Unemployed – Use this to connect with others in your same situation and to get advice.

 5.     #Career – This hash tag will bring up everything from advice to postings to others discussing their career.  Check out #Careers too and #Careeradvice.

6.     #Jobopening – Use this to search job openings.

7.     #Resume – This keyword is great when looking for resume advice and when you want your resume to be seen. Many recruiters use this to search for candidates.

8.     #Jobsearch – This hash tag can connect you to others going through the same challenges you are.

9.     #Jobtips – Use this when looking for advice or when you have advice to share with other job seekers. #Jobadvice is another common hash tag variation.

10.  #Jobs or #Job – These keywords are arguably the most commonly used when posting a job opening, so use both in your search.

11.  #Employment – This keyword is often used by HR professionals and hiring managers to identify that they are looking for new employees.

12.  #Jobhunt – Use this both when searching and tweeting.

13.  #Interview – Use this to find interview advice and tips as you prep.

14.  #Hireme – Nothing wrong with a little shameless hint dropping while searching for a job. It certainly can’t hurt!

15.  #HR – Use this hash tag to connect with HR professionals for advice and networking.  #Recruiting, #Recruiters and #Hiring are also great HR and Recruiting hash tags to follow too.

16.  #JobHuntChat – Join the first ever job search chat on Twitter every Monday night from 10-11 p.m. EST.

 17.  #Industry + keyword – Use the hash tag #industry along with the industry you’re searching for as a hash tag as well. (i.e. #industry #marketing)

18.  #City – Use your city as a hash tag to find jobs near you and to connect with other professionals and influencers. Remember to search for abbreviations also. (i.e. #OklahomaCity and #OKC)

19.  #LinkedIn – If you’ve put the time in to build your LinkedIn profile and network, let people know about it! Tweet this hash tag with a link to your profile.  #In is also a popular abbreviation for LinkedIn on Twitter.

20.  #Jobfair or #Careerfair – These hash tags are great for finding job fairs and job fair advice. Added bonus: employers often use this to advertise they are hosting a job fair or will be at a job fair.

21.  #Manager – Utilize this hash tag to search for management positions.

22.  #CV – Similar to #Resume and #LinkedIn, this keyword can get you noticed if you have a CV. #SocialCV is another popular job search hash tag.

23.  #Gradjobs – This very specific hash tag can help you identify tweets about jobs that are ideal for graduate students or even recent grads.

24.  #Employee – This keyword is not only used by employers looking to hire but also is good to include in your tweets so they can find you!

25.  #Hotjobs – This is a buzzword that recruiters and hiring managers use to attract job seekers. Don’t let their efforts be in vain – search it and you’ll be glad you did.

26. Twitter Chats – Check out #Resuchat, #Jobchat, #Internpro and  #HFChat to name a few.  #HireFriday is another popular hash tag for job seekers as well.

And finally, our favorite hash tag just for Secrets of the Job Hunt.  Follow #jobsecrets and tweet there to engage a growing networking of job seekers, career experts, and HR professionals on Twitter.  No, get out there and get tweeting.

Is there a Twitter hash tag I missed? Let us know how your search goes using these hash tags.  Leave a comment and let us know.

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Learn more about Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource, and the host of the Workology Podcast. More of her blogs can be found here.


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