The Holiday Every Job Seeker Should Celebrate

Did you know that there’s a holiday for pretty much everything out there? I know you are working hard at landing your next job and, are likely, too busy to come up for air, so I’ll give you the highlights.

The Holiday Every Job Seeker Should Celebrate

There’s a National Tooth Fairy Day (February 28th), a Learn What Your Name Means Day (March 4th), an International Women’s Day (March 8th), and even an Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day (March 11th). While certainly tongue-in-cheek, many of these days strike a chord with me for offering lessons by which we should all live:

And, here’s one that every job seeker should celebrate: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (February 11th).

The day was founded on the belief that everyone has spilled a little milk every now and then. According to “The saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” is an age-old proverb that has been around for hundreds of years. The first historical reference to the phrase appears in a document written by British historian James Howell in 1659. According to the old tales, fairies were particularly fond of milk and would drink up any spills left behind.”

During a job search, there are many ways we can fall down, but this adage (and corresponding holiday) can help us to remember that ‘to err is human…” and all that jazz.  So, in the spirit of my new favorite holiday, here are ways I suggest we cooperate with the inevitable (we all make mistakes at some point or another) and bring the excitement of this holiday into our daily lives:

  • Instead of staying up and stewing about the job you didn’t get, go to sleep and get a good night’s rest. You’ll see things differently in the morning.
  • Once you’ve uncovered a mistake, make a mental (or real) note about what you would have liked to have done, and put it somewhere so you don’t forget it, but then move on.
  • Set aside time daily to do something that makes you feel good about you (reading a book, or chatting with a friend).

And, while we’re on the topic: International Day of Awesomeness is coming up on March 10th.

What are your plans?

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Laura Labovich

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