The Future Of WFH. How To Get A Remote Job In 2022?

Hate fluorescent lights and long commutes? It’s no surprise you looked up remote jobs.

Long hours, little amenities, and low pay have drained staff in the past but with opportunities like Devops jobs, Java developer jobs, and other roles becoming solely remote-based, things are changing. 

Along came 2020, and many individuals were ordered home to work remotely until an unknown period. After a year, folks were still working from home. Many get used to their new working arrangement. Some moved, others travelled, and still, others were expected to return to work when they were not even in the same nation. 

When the whole job role can be done from anywhere in the world, yet they still want you to return to their stuffy office, it feels like a slight back step. 

So many individuals quit. On average, almost 25 thousand individuals quit their jobs in the first 7 months of 2021. Many have stated that they would start looking for another job and explore options of how to quit a job if working remotely was no longer an option. 

Now is the moment to take advantage of remote and high-paying career opportunities (so you can live your best life from wherever you want and maybe even get paid to travel).


Are you looking for a remote job?

We’re going to look at several actions to help you get a remote job in this article.

There are two primary non-negotiables when it comes to acquiring a job or commencing a job search:

     *  Begin to network.

     *  Keep an eye on the prize. (whether that’s a Devops job or a role in Data Science)

Let’s start with the best ways to get a remote job!


Consider Why You Desire a Remote Job


Many reasons exist. Working remotely may not be good for you, your job, your objectives, or your lifestyle.


     *  Do you hate commuting?

     *  Did you move to a neighborhood with no employment or offices?

     *  Do you wish to change careers to something such as Network engineering jobs?

     *  Do you dislike going to work every day?

     *  Do you dislike your coworkers, which makes you dislike working at an office?

     *  There are various reasons why people choose or are told to work remotely.

     *  Working from home saves money in several ways, which is essential for many. 



If You Want a Remote Job, Consider This


     *  Do you survive on human contact?

     *  Are you driven by being around folks from the same company? 

     *  Do you appreciate the workplace benefits like the coffee maker, spacious workstation, two monitors, and team meetings?

Remember that working remotely permanently eliminates many of these options unless you choose to work from a coworking location rather than your permanent home office.

If you are applying for a remote job, remember to stay positive and never mention any of the downsides to your existing employer.



Prepare Your Remote Job Application Bundle


The same as any other job application, you’ll need a strong resume, some fantastic solutions for open-ended questions on application forms, and some professional references whose names, emails, and phone numbers you can offer upon request.

Create a remote job application package that is specific to the job description.

No one ever said getting a job was easy. It’s challenging and time-consuming. Some even argue that if you aren’t approaching your job hunt like a part-time job, you are doing it incorrectly.

Okay, so the whole thing is a bit intimidating.

You’ve already armed yourself with confidence and skills. The next step is to read this blog: Resume Tips: 29 Ways To Separate Your Resume from the Rest

Here are some suggestions for customizing your remote job application to the job description:

     *  Use keywords in your resume that are comparable to those in the job description you saw online.

     *  Play up relevant experiences while downplaying less-relevant ones. 

     *  Always, always, always proofread, and have a friend or family member proofread for you.



Begin Your Job Search for a Remote or Work-From-Home Position


We’ll break down how to get started looking for your first remote job online, step by step.

Here’s what you should do right now to locate a remote job:

     *  Search for remote jobs at firms that interest you on LinkedIn.

     *  Alternatively, you can look for remote job openings by keyword.

     *  If LinkedIn overwhelms you, have a look at these job types here, Python Jobs, .Net jobs, Cloud security jobs

     *  Make a spreadsheet of the jobs you want to apply for so you can stay organized.

     *  Begin by telling your friends and relatives that you’re looking for a job and requesting permission to contact others in their networks.

Talk to other remote workers to see if there are any job openings.



How To Find a Remote Job and Do Well as a Work-From-Home Employee


It’s time to succeed now that you’ve landed your ideal remote work.

Your days of sitting in traffic for hours and rushing through the day are past.

Take the time to tidy your home to make room for a home office and a clear workplace. When you work from home, having a well-organized workspace will help you stay on track with your daily chores. If you’re transitioning to a digital nomad lifestyle and intend to be on the move a lot, make sure you have tools in place to keep your work organized, such as a well-organized Google Drive, a backup of files on a thumb drive, an orderly calendar, and a waterproof laptop bag.

Use new technologies to keep in touch with your boss and coworkers and find fresh ways to learn something new every day.

If you are looking for a new remote working opportunity in a Devops job, Python Jobs, or other similar roles make sure you check out Motion Recruitment. 


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