The 4 Rules of the New Talent Game in Recruiting


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The 4 Rules of the New Talent Game in Recruiting

The world is getting smaller and smaller everyday. I know, it’s so cliché. So yesterday. So misleading. Sure, we are more connected than ever before on smart devices and social platforms. We have a digerati through self-proclamation or crowd-appointment. Brands have become verbs. We Google like we brush our teeth. Nay — we Google more than we brush our teeth.

Indeed, we are more connected to knowledge and people than any other time in the history of mankind. But the state of being connected itself does not serve a meaningful purpose. Just because we can connect, doesn’t mean we are creating any value for others or ourselves. This is important when it comes to the business of talent, which by nature is fundamentally the business of connecting. Recruiting fuels organizations and brands; giant entities that that will transform into verbs, evolve into behaviors, become habits and eventually an intuitive way of being online and on-pause (I would argue no one is ever really off-line).

In essence, social and digital noise is silently changing the game. There are now new rules to play by.  Learn them.

Rule #1: Leverage The Internet of People

“…the physical world itself is becoming a type of information system.” McKinsey was referring here to the Internet of Things and I would say its just as relevant to people. Go beyond gadgets and we get human devices – talent with deep knowledge, diverse perspectives and creative instincts that are seen in true form within their natural habitat. Understand the culture and conditions under which a person will thrive. Hire to the ecosystem of peers and potential.

Rule #2: Ignite the Mobile Engine

With meetings and training becoming increasingly virtual, global conferences and exhibitions have become a playground for recruiters. Make investments to attend influential industry events and utilize exploit the mobile event tech. In-app features like contact sharing, scheduling coffee connects and gamified experiences eliminate the degrees of separation between you and your next hire.

Rule #3: Access the Smart Database

There are living, breathing social and digital life forms that collect, organize and aggregate information on people. It’s scary to think about and it’s happening. If you’re not seeking to understand patterns between a person on paper and who they are in real life, then your concern should be a reality check, not a reference check. LinkedIn, Facebook Graph Search, provide value in unique ways. Get on with it. 

Rule #4: Join the “in” Crowd

There are those who find and hire talent and those who build greater companies. The former create an entirely new pool of talent within an organization that is misaligned with their role. Look beyond internal mobility to internal talent scouting. Imagine if you recruited from within the way you do in the big bad market. Right? The latter understand the value of intrapraneurs – a breed only rare because they are infrequently recognized. Intrapraneurs are the invisible hand of every organization’s micro-economy.

We, the talent of tomorrow, live in a hyper connected world. Find us in our natural habitat. Game the increasingly complex system by simplifying your mindset with these four rules.

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Salima Nathoo

Recently named one of the “Top 100 Most Social HR Experts on Twitter” by Huffington Post, Salima Nathoo is a Workplace Innovator, Learning Futurist and Speaker. She works with companies at the front of the pack as a strategic partner to build powerful leadership ecosystems, manage change at the human level, and leverage social technology. Her big thinking approach and expertise in learning- design and facilitation helps companies experience Conscious Disruption, LeanLearning and increase the level of joy & fulfillment.

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  1. Lisa - Good.Co says

    Wow! This is one of the best written articles I’ve read in awhile, and it’s filled to the brim with interesting information. I like the brief description of a workplace as an ecosystem. Too often, we overlook systems – either by ignoring their existences or taking them for granted – so we fail to understand the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Our decisions matter; they affect the system in the workplace, and in the personal lives of employees, new hires – even ourselves. Of course, we can’t afford to over-analyse either, lest we succumb to analysis paralysis (the inability to act as a result of exposure to an overwhelming number of options). Simply understanding that a system exists is an important first step. Once it’s been taken, then worry about striking a decisive balance between cold facts and gut instincts.
    Many thanks! Lisa Chatroop, Good.Co

  2. Jessica Miller-Merrell says


    You never cease to amaze me and reading this I miss seeing you in person and hearing your valuable insights. I love your “Access the Smart Database.”

    Thanks for participating in Recruiting Trends week over here on the blog and I’m looking forward to big things from you in 2014!




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