The Essential Job Seeker Toolkit & More

In 2007, I started blogging here at Blogging4Jobs with the intention of providing job seekers information, resources, and insights into why they couldn’t get the job.  As a corporate HR and Recruiting pro, my hands were tied.  Attorneys advised me from giving you the real reason you didn’t get the job for fear it could result in legal action.  They’re risk averse in general.  It’s not that we were likely doing anything wrong, it’s just status quo.  My blog started to give you more than, “I’m sorry you weren’t the right fit for the position,” and here I am.

The Essential Job Seeker Toolkit & More

The initial scope of my blog has expanded to cover topics beyond the job search and includes human resources and recruiting industry topics as well as leadership and social media in addition to the job search.  Because of the wide variety of information, it’s harder for job seekers to find the right information on the site, so I’ve compiled for you as a Job Seeker Toolkit.  These are some of the top blog posts and templates for people who are in the market for a new job.  This is in fact, the same resources I provide when job seekers call or email me.  My passion is helping job seekers find clarity not writing their resume or cover letter.  I’ve included resume and cover letter templates and other valuable resources to get job seekers started or jump started in the job search.
I have over 600 blog posts here on the site, many of them related to the job search, networking, and personal branding.  Dive in and don’t be afraid to poke around.

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell is the founder of Workology, a digital resource that reaches more than a half million HR and workplace leaders each month and host of the Workology Podcast. Jessica lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, daughter, and an assortment of furry family members.


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