The Benefits of Having A Managed Print Service For Your Business

Have you ever considered outsourcing your printing services to further the success of your business? Managed Print Services, also known as MPS are leading service providers that help manage the entire printing fleet of an organisation including its printers, copiers and fax machines. Companies, big or small, are increasingly relying on MPS for their printing and copying needs, due to the numerous business benefits that the vendors offer. 

The Benefits of Having A Managed Print Service For Your Business

Let us first understand how a managed print service can help your business grow. We understand running a successful business means that you might not have enough time to handle print management and strategy. However, not having a print strategy might prove risky for your business. 

A Managed Print Service Vendor would take up these responsibilities besides network set-up and management, software and hardware procurement, and long-standing print-optimisation throughout the company. Their benefits range from developing daily efficiencies to protecting the company from risk and aiding in business growth. 

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Reduce Costs

Although MPS increases monthly company-costs in comparison to leasing, the return you receive is much more for what you pay.  Your MPS vendor will provide everything including software, hardware, network management, IT support, printer supplies print-network estimation and optimisation, as well as hardware replacement and optimisation. In short, all your printer costs covered in one flat-rate monthly charge!  Over time, this can greatly decrease printer purchasing and maintenance costs. It is estimated that organisations that use managed print services can cut costs by about 30%.  

For instance, a company may be suffering from efficiency losses without even realising. Some may use wrong printers, or use printers that are too small to tackle their huge printing needs. Some others may have installed larger devices that are not required for their limited printing needs. Such situations as well can drain the budget. An MPS provider can step in and provide solutions to improve the print workflow. This will ensure efficient return on the amount spent on printing. 

Optimise Printing

MPS focus on print-needs assessment across your company to identify what is needed and where. The services team provides first-class printers like Konica’s range of A3 printers, scanners, servers and software suited to the needs of every department. They can reduce labour and optimise workflow resulting in increased productivity and performance. 

Improve Information Security

Printers often pose huge security risks with business secrets or sensitive data being printed and handled regularly. It is difficult to install and manage information security of your business on your own. Thankfully, it is all covered as part of MPS. Your vendor will assess print and IP security and provide access management based on your needs. This will reduce chances of sensitive document being left in print trays, and allow the tracking system to see who prints what, thereby restricting access and printing from the print-queue. MPS providers will carry on timely audits and system improvements to ensure information security. 

Freeing Up the IT Department

Your overworked IT Department needs to focus on their everyday tasks rather than troubleshooting every printing issue and equipment breakdown that the company faces. A managed print services team can help them do exactly that. 

Accurate and Estimated Budgeting

MPS use can reduce budgetary waste and help estimate print costs in an accurate and organised way. By tracking printer usage per user, the system creates a budget that correctly reflects how much your company spends on printer resources. 

Increase Organisational Agility

A managed print service will improve organisational agility helping you meet your print requirements without spending more, providing printing software and hardware as and when needed so there’s a managed solution throughout the process.  


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