The 3 Biggest Hiring Challenges in 2013

Challenges that may arise in recruiting

As 2012 comes to a close and we look forward to 2013, it’s time to start thinking about how we will address the new challenges the new year will bring. You want to be proactive in your recruiting efforts in 2013, not reactive. Knowing the challenges you may face can put you ahead of the competition and allow you to scoop up the best people.

So instead of waiting to dream up solutions when challenges arise, take a sneak peek in your recruiting crystal ball at some of the issues you might be facing next year:

Challenge #1: Optimizing Your Mobile Recruiting Strategy
Most of us are a little bit addicted to our mobile devices, to put it delicately. In fact, 91 percent of U.S. citizens have their cell phones within reach at all times. We see our cell phones more than friends, family, and coworkers. We probably know our cell phones better than we do the back of our hands. This might come as a surprise, but 25 percent of Internet users access the web solely through their mobile devices.

These facts should convince you of the following: you just can’t ignore mobile recruiting. The challenge in 2013 will be how best to optimize your mobile recruiting strategy in order to bring in the best candidates. Keep in mind the experience of surfing career pages and applying for positions from a mobile device is vastly different from a computer screen. For one thing, it takes much longer to type on a mobile device.

Keeping this in mind, optimize your mobile site so applying for your open positions is easier and more intuitive for mobile users. Instead of questions requiring long typed answers, perhaps you might want to allow users to submit their already populated social media or professional online profiles.

While developing a good mobile recruitment strategy, keep in mind every step of the way how to make it easier for great candidates to apply from wherever life takes them. After all, you want candidates who are going somewhere and moving forward. Mobile recruiting might just be the way to connect with these busy movers and shakers.

Challenge #2: Bridging the Skills Gap
The skills gap is unfortunately very real and contributing to a renewed war for talent. According to the Job Preparedness Indicator, only about 17 percent of employers are finding candidates who present the skills they need to fill open positions.

In 2013, you’ll need to really focus on getting the right candidates into your jobs. A bad hire, after all, is way too expensive and can sometimes set you back as much as $50,000. In this economy, there aren’t many companies able to afford such a loss.

To jump the skills gap, start with your own internal job descriptions to make sure they’re presenting an accurate viewpoint of the qualifications needed for the job and the responsibilities of the position. If you’re unclear about the position in the job description, you’ll end up with a pile of resumes for people who don’t match your needs.

In the interview, whether it’s in person or through online video, look for candidates who get specific about their skills. Also make 2013 the year you refuse to skip the reference check, so you don’t get into hot water like Yahoo! did in 2012.

Challenge #3: Getting More Visual
The explosive rise of visual social media sites like Pinterest should tell you one thing: visual media is hot right now. This might explain why video is also seeing a spike in popularity, whether it’s being viewed on a mobile phone or used in a video interview to speak with candidate. A recent survey found six out of 10 companies used video interviews in their hiring process in 2012.

In 2013, the future is looking more visual than ever so make sure your company’s pictures are telling a thousand words. Incorporate a Pinterest recruiting strategy, utilize video interviews, make sure your career page is attractive, and even record a recruitment video. In 2013, your image might be more important than ever.

If you’re looking forward to the challenges 2013 will bring, you can be the first with a brilliant solution. This will help you to hire the employees your company needs to thrive.

Do you foresee challenges?

What are some hiring challenges you foresee for 2013? Share in the comments!

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  1. Owen says

    Mobile recruiting is the real growth area right now. Companies have to adapt their recruitment strategy or they risk being left behind.

  2. Ben says

    Great tips. With so many people out of work and looking for jobs, it’s hugely important to be specific when advertising a role in order to target qualified candidates.



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