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Internet Sourcing in Half the Time

For most recruiting departments, social media plays an important part of any hiring, recruiting, and employment branding process.  Except that for most organizations, building a hiring channel and jobs feed to share and distribute your job postings is no longer enough.   Qualified job seekers applying for jobs are in short supply, forcing organizations to take a more aggressive and defensive recruitment strategy.  Often referred to as sourcing, organizations don’t wait for the job seeker to find them, they find the job seeker using the phone, personal networks or the internet to guide their candidate search.

The challenge is that sourcing takes time; especially when it comes to the expanse of the Internet.  Searching, combing and sourcing individual websites, communities and social networks takes an exhaustive amount of time and effort.  That’s where Remarkable Hire comes into play.

Sourcing Techniques for Technical & Specific  Job Openings

Remarkable Hire (which I’ll refer to as RH) calls themselves a Social Evidence-based recruitment and sourcing tool.  They use nearly 50,000 skills ratings to help you source candidates based on targeted skills and experiences.  I like how you can search for very technical and specific candidate skills like “Ruby on Rails.”   Recruiters can simply search for job seekers by a series of keywords, skills, characteristics and qualifications and RH searches social networks, member sites and communities to provide you rated candidates based on their skills from 1 to 4, with 4 being the best.

Its database of candidates has already been rated, which is why RH is able to provide candidate profile match results and information almost instantly, cutting your sourcing time by as much as 95 percent.

What I like most about RH is that they peel back; this is what co-founder Jamey Jeff calls the “digital veneer.” RH evaluates candidates based on their expertise as viewed not only by their shared information and resources, but also by their peers.  This is especially important for the extremely technical and hard-to-fill positions.  Job seekers and individuals have been known to fake expertise and experiences online to gain a hiring edge.  RH cuts through the clutter and sources technical communities like StackOverflow and GitHub to determine an individual’s experience and expertise level.  They take a crowd source approach, or what RH calls “Social Evidence,” to determine someone’s level of expertise by focusing not just on the information the individual provides but also with interactions and engagements from other community members.  These engagements, skills and knowledge are part of RH’s star rating and detailed in the recruiter’s profile view of the sourced potential employee. Brilliant!

Another feature I really appreciate is that contact information is automatically pulled from the profile data making it easy for me as the recruiter to contact the candidate directly from my company email a versusa clunky messaging system.  I don’t have to spend more time sourcing and combing the internet just to find my ideal job seeker’s email address, blog or Twitter.  It’s all there at my fingertips and immediately.

Technical Recruitment Solutions

Recruiters can also tag individual profiles by keywords thus creating lists and databases for organizing and later viewing.  Tagging is a common practice for bloggers who categorize content by specific keywords and not just categories since many profiles or blogs span multiple topic.  Hiring managers and other recruiters within the organization can access those tagged lists.  Using traditional resume mining tools like job boards or LinkedIn, a recruiter forwards the hiring manager the profiles and resumes of candidates individually bogging down email.  The list feature eliminates this problem.  The RH site is extremely mobile and tablet friendly making it easy for hiring managers to quickly view lists and tagged profiles from anywhere lowering time to fill for those extremely competitive and hard to fill position requisitions.

Subscription plans for Remarkable Hire are by organization or user, and given the benefit, it pays dividends almost immediately.  Candidate sourcing times can be reduced dramatically using this tool. Recruiters don’t have to be Boolean or Google X-Ray experts to take advantage of the job seeker profile databases allowing companies to hire competitive and technical talent.  Check out Remarkable Hire at their website and on Twitter, @remarkablehire.

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