TalentCircles and SwoopTalent Announce Alliance #hrtechconf

TalentCircles and SwoopTalent Announce Alliance

TalentCircles© Inc., an interactive talent acquisition platform hailed as one of the most transformative HR technology solutions by enabling organizations to create and nurture their talent pools announces a strategic relationship with SwoopTalent.

SwoopTalent©, also a Silicon Valley based technology company, is the most powerful talent data aggregation and social sourcing platform in the industry with more than 150,000,000 talent profiles ready to integrate to your own data and processes.

While organizations of all sizes are always looking for the best talent, their efficacy is often plagued by the fact that their talent acquisition process is distributed across poorly communicating products. “TalentCircles allows you to welcome, interact with and interview active and passive candidates as well as match profiles with current or future openings,” says Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, CEO of TalentCircles. “Yet, your talent pool may not always offer the exact profiles you want. So you need to expand your sourcing efforts and find more candidates. The most effective way to do it is from within your candidate relationship management environment. This is what the alliance between TalentCircles and SwoopTalent exemplarily accomplishes,” she adds.

Strategic partnerships are often more designed for marketing purposes. This alliance between TalentCircles and SwoopTalent was geared from day one to simplify the talent acquisition process and place access to talent at the recruiters’ fingertips. “Recruiters have a plethora of tasks needed to recruit the right talent, so both of our teams wanted to make this integration totally seamless and make recruiters’ lives easier. You won’t even know it’s two products!” says Stacy Chapman, CEO of SwoopTalent.

Organizations of all sizes will benefit from this unique integration on October 20, 2014. SwoopTalent will offer a starter package of profiles at no charge and access to more profiles will be made available for a fee also from within TalentCircles.

About TalentCircles:  TalentCircles transforms recruiting and proactively manages the needs of organizations of any size. Its comprehensive interactive talent engagement platform for desktops, smartphones and tablets enables organizations to create powerful talent pools. The larger your talent pool… the better it is for you when you have the right array of features like semantic job matching, screening questionnaires, video interviewing to evaluate candidates for both aptitude and attitude or perform realistic job previews.

About SwoopTalent: SwoopTalent changes the way you think about talent data. Valuable data is structured and unstructured, internal and external, historical and brand new. Swoop tames all this data for you, leaving you with a single place to find every piece of data you need on your candidates, and on dream candidates you don’t know yet.  With hundreds of millions of talent profiles, with Swoop you source the best.

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