Take A Leap, Take a Risk, IT WILL BE OK!

Take A Leap, Take a Risk, IT WILL BE OK!

This week is HR Basics week, I could tell you about the best interview questions I have used over the years, boring! Here is the story of the leap I took and the rut that followed.

A little over 2 years ago my husband told me we had to move to Milwaukee. We had been talking on and off about it for 3 years but, it was one of those things… someday we will move. That someday was here and I was terrified. Leaving my family, my job, the city I had known for the last 19 years! AH!

3 weeks later, we put our house on the market, for sale by owner. I had a game plan to dabble in selling real estate (I am just cheap). In 5 weeks, we had an accepted offer. Never in a million years did I think everything was going to happen so fast. We moved in with my parents until we found a house. A few weeks later we found a house, signed the papers and we were gone.

My last day of work was awful. I cried for two whole days! My face was swollen from crying. Appleton, WI was a big city to me. It was where I went to High School, it had been my home for a long time. I can honestly say, the first year I was in Greater Milwaukee, I was miserable. I had found a new job but, it wasn’t a fit for me. I was lost, I wasn’t me, I lost my “mojo”. I did my best to put on a brave face.

I took the leap to Milwaukee for my husband. I knew it was going to be a risk. I always do my best to build someone up, give networking tips or suggestions on this or that. Now I was pouting. I sat down after months of moping around and decided I needed to take some of my own advice. I am an educated, confident woman, I can do this!

I put myself through the same boot camp I preached to others. I started attending networking events downtown, meeting new people, driving around my new city. HR events to Chamber of Commerce events, you name it I was there. Sometimes I would drive for hours exploring, getting the lay of the land. I would attend an event at 6am downtown and then another one after work. I was here and I wasn’t leaving so, I needed to make the best of it. I wasn’t sure what was going to be the fix…meeting new friends, finding a new health club or a new job. I went with my gut.

After meeting a few of my now co-workers, I knew what I needed. I needed a career with a company that would invest in me, challenge me and give me the room to grow. I waited 11 months, a touch base call or email every other week. I would send candidates their way, I was getting in and I was determined.

My family, friends and husband was supportive through everything, I needed to do this on my own. Needless to say, looking back, what was I so scared of? Even in HR basics week we are always giving advice. Taking some of your own advice, can be the best advice on the table.

Jen Ray Fun Fact: I caught myself bird watching the other day, now I know I live in the sticks! I may drive into the city each day but, I live in the middle of nowhere. I need a new hobby.

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Jen Ray, PHR

Jen Ray, PHR is professional relationship builder by day, general contractor by night. Her experiences come from the retail, financial services and banking industries. Outside of the office, you will find Jen remolding her home in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Connect with Jen.

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  1. Cathy Shanes says

    Everyone is if not afraid of changes then at least wary of it. Moreover, I think resistance to change is in the human nature, and that’s exactly why it is so difficult overcome it. This change resistance spreads over both on our personal and professional life. And that’s exactly why you can be considered a very brave woman for embracing yourself and making the change work out for you!


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