Admit it, you know you want them. It’s okay; statistics are fun to look at and the right ones can be helpful in making new decisions… like how to rearrange failing strategies or build a new workplace engagement program. The problem is that the industry is inundated with statistics – which ones are the right ones to help you perfect that critical presentation, article, or infographic you’re working on?

That’s where we come in: Blogging4Jobs has scoured the internet to find the best statistics for HR in Recruitment, Mobile, Social Media, Employee Engagement, Big Data, and Technology Management Systems. This is, in fact, the statistics guide you’ve been looking for.

Even if you aren’t one of those that need these statistics for HR on a day to day basis they’re fun to look at and are a good benchmark for making new decisions when it comes to rearranging failing strategies or building a need workplace engagement program.

Our statistics guide provides 65 statistics for you, and we’ve done all the work. Sit back, search and find the right HR and recruiting statistic for you.

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