Spark Hire’s Interview Platform Reduces Time-to-Hire

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Spark Hire’s Interview Platform Reduces Time-to-Hire

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No matter what the talent marketplace looks like, conducting interviews at scale can be the difference between hiring your ideal candidate and losing them to your competitor. Considering that we’ve moved so many of our processes into the virtual space over the past two years, video interviews are an excellent opportunity to take the candidate screening process online and have facetime with more candidates, more efficiently. 

Spark Hire’s Interview Platform Reduces Time-to-Hire

Video interviewing can reduce time-to-hire significantly by reducing the number of your company’s hiring managers and your HR team that have to be present for interviews. A more recent type of virtual interview that has been gaining in popularity is the asynchronous video screen. That’s where Spark Hire comes in. I recently had the opportunity to see a demo of Spark Hire’s interview platform and it’s exactly what busy recruiting teams need.

Asynchronous interviews eliminate the need for phone screens, and can be recorded and shared with other hiring collaborators, resulting in a more collaborative, efficient, and effective hiring process across the board, ultimately allowing you to fill the top of your funnel with more candidates while moving the best ones through your process much faster (and getting an offer out to them before the competition).

These one-way interviews can also improve the candidate experience by allowing them to record their responses after hours or on the weekends instead of having to take time away from their current job. Job seekers tend to love these types of interviews because of their flexibility, putting companies who use them in a positive light from the get-go.

You can now start a free trial of Spark Hire, where your first 10 interviews are free. No credit card required.

The Interview Platform That Makes Candidate Screening Easy

At the core of the Spark Hire platform, they provide two types of video interviews. One is a live video interview, in which a single person or a panel of people interviews a single candidate. The second is a pre-recorded asynchronous interview where you can set up questions beforehand so that candidates can record video responses in their own time. 

The dashboard is clean and intuitive; I don’t see a huge learning curve in adopting this. The question set library is one of the most impressive features of the platform – obviously, you’d use this for asynchronous video interviews – but you can also use them on the live video interviews. This is an excellent way to add specific questions for an interviewer to use as a guide and checklist. This allows anyone involved in the interview process to use the questions as a guide for structured interviews, and if more than one interview is scheduled, the second interviewer can see the questions asked by the first. Live interviews can also be recorded so that successive interviewers can view them before conducting their interviews. This allows multiple members of a hiring team to review the responses when it’s convenient for them. You can even create bookmarks for each question so that when you’re ready to watch the recording you can jump straight to a specific question in the video. This allows us to interview a lot more candidates and make decisions about the next steps for that candidate, which would usually be like a more final round interview following the one-way video interview.

The question sets can be customized for specific positions or roles and modified as necessary.  As you go through the process, you can see question sets that you’ve previously saved and modify them or create entirely new ones based on new skill sets that you might be recruiting for. 

With asynchronous video interviews, there might be a concern that they feel impersonal. Spark Hire has a feature for video questions where a hiring manager or recruiter can record themselves asking the question so that it feels more personal. When the candidate begins the asynchronous video interview, they see a video of an actual person asking the question. It really personalizes the process.

The other parameter employers can control with the asynchronous video interview is a time limit, or how long the candidate’s response can be. Ideally, we want these to be concise so that candidates don’t spend several minutes answering a single question. But the other consideration is for accessibility – in order to recruit candidates who might not be neurotypical, the time limit can be adjusted for those candidates. You can also limit how many takes the candidate has to record their response. This can be unlimited or varied to five, four, or just one take, for example. The employer can vary these parameters for each question that’s in their question set.

It’s also just great to learn more about candidates at this stage in the process versus maybe just looking at a resume or doing a quick phone interview. It makes the hiring process more collaborative.

Streamlining Interview Scheduling and Screening

Once the question sets have been created for a one-way interview and you’re ready to invite a candidate to a video interview, there are some different ways to do this. You can create an open interview link to send to candidates in an email or text message and the candidate simply clicks on the link to begin their interview. Alternatively, you can email a candidate and interview invite directly within Spark Hire by choosing a question set and email template. Once you click “create interview,” it sends an email to the candidate with your branding on it that includes all of the information the candidate needs to complete their interview. 

Spark Hire integrates with about 50 applicant tracking systems, which can make this process quick and seamless as you can use these features within your own ATS. These are just a few ways that you could initiate and send the interview link to a candidate.

There’s also an assessment feature that can be used pre-interview if you want to screen candidates based on specific questions. You can put together a questionnaire that the candidate responds to in either a free text field or multiple choice and the candidate simply answers those questions. For example, if you’re looking for candidates with more than five years of work experience, you can include this question in a pre-interview assessment.

I love that this is simple and mobile-friendly, as we know so many candidates will respond on their mobile device. Spark Hire has a mobile app that’s easy for candidates to use without having to log into a desktop computer. They can create an account or use LinkedIn to log into the platform for the interview.

When the candidate completes the video interview, you can customize what they see, in a similar way to how you introduce the interview. An employer can record a video to thank the candidate for completing the interview and let them know what to expect as far as next steps go. The candidate experience aspect of the platform is really personalized, with a branded company page on which you can link to your career site or add information about the role. 

Reporting That Can Help Recruiting Teams Identify Bottlenecks

The analytics in the Spark Hire platform are robust. You can see things like how many one way versus live interviews you’re doing for a specific job or in a specific time frame. You could see your completion rate for video interviews. You can see how you’ve been evaluating candidates and keep track of your ratings to see an average rating for specific roles or specific interviewers. You can keep track of how many candidates have scheduled interviews, how many hires you, and how many rejections you end up making. When you reject candidates, you can keep track of the reason for rejection. I think this is so helpful for recruiting teams because we act on data.

I can see a use case here for telling the story of time saved, especially with asynchronous interviews. I would look at overall time saved over 30, 60, 90 days and if the average interview was 30 minutes and we’re doing 150 interviews a month, that’s the equivalent of a full-time recruiting coordinator. This is useful information to present to your executive leadership. 

Video interviews are not only highly scalable, they also allow for more consistency in the hiring process with questions and scoring methodology that is the same for all candidates across the board. This also helps with performance tracking post-hire. After implementing video interviews into the hiring process, managers can go back and review top performers and see if their video responses had anything in common.


About Spark Hire

Spark Hire helps thousands of organizations make better, more collaborative, & quicker hiring decisions. More than 6,000 organizations have interviewed millions of candidates across 100+ countries on Spark Hire. With the easiest-to-use product, unmatched customer service, & fair and transparent pricing, Spark Hire has become the most popular and #1 rated video interview platform on the market. Learn more on and get started today!

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