68% of Job Seekers Use Mobile in Their Job Search

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Social media is no longer a nice to have. It’s a must have as part of your recruitment strategy. Here’s why:

  • 92% of recruiters plan on using social media in their recruiting efforts over the next 12 months
  • 49% of recruiters said social media increased candidate quality
  • Recruiters saved $370,000,000 in recruitment expenses with social media in 2012. (See the inforgraphic from iMomentous to more insights about this stat below.)

Recruiting using social must incorporate mobile today

Unfortunately, often left out of the conversation when it comes to social media use and social recruiting is how mobile is critical to the future success of reaching your target candidate especially true when most recent data from GlassDoor reports that 3 out of 5 job seekers are relying on mobile in their  personal job search strategies. Recruiting using social must incorporate mobile into the overall strategy. Otherwise, companies and recruiting teams are building hiring strategies with one arm tied behind their back. And that’s not a good thing especially when the job market is so competitive for knowledge workers, engineers and qualified job candidates. We have to have the right strategies and tools to reach, engage and build relationships with our best candidate recruiting pool.

  • Mobile is the preferred method to be social. Adobe’s 2013 Mobile survey found that 71% of social media activities where happening on a mobile device
  • Mobile is about now. I call this the Performance of Now. When we are seeking information, answers and connections in the moment we are looking to mobile. Whether it’s a Yelp restaurant review, a recommendation from a friend or a prepping for that job interview as you wait in the company lobby.
  • Mobile is personal. Our mobile phones are our personal computer assistants informing us of sports scores and dental appointments and are a way to be fully connected even if we move half way across the US (like I did) or halfway across the world. Mobile makes recruiting a personal yet global engagement at the same time.



Check out our mobile webinar. It’s worth 1.0 HRCI general credits. It’s also free and always on demand. Click here

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