#SHRM13 Recap Day One

5 Lessons in Effective Decision Making and Leadership

With #SHRM13 coming to an official close big things are already happening. Hillary Clinton pretty much dominated the stage in her blue pant suit and the opening parties were something…..different. With the maddness just starting this SHRM it is sure to be one for the record books. Several keynote speakers are still set to take stage over the next couple days and the parties don’t end tonight. Whether you bought your ticket and you were scouring Chicago this evening or you’re reading the tweets as the events unfold in real time…stay tuned to Blogging4Jobs as we live blog about some of the most influential sessions during this year’s annual Society of Human Resource Management conference.

Just in case, here are the highlights  (and my personal opinions) from one of the most known keynotes this week, my favorite, Hillary Clinton:

Highlights on Hillary Clinton

Lesson #1

Good decisions are based on evidence but not ideaology. I’m a huge numbers guy. This message spoke directly to me. Don’t base decision making on what you believe is correct, but instead, what the numbers show.

Lesson #2

Leadership is a team sport. Have you ever had a leader that is “holier than thou” ? Well, Hillary spoke to the heart and made it clear that leadership whether it be on a Presidential campaign (okay, maybe that’s my personal wish) or in the office, it’s a team sport. Leaders should lead by not only example, but from within the actual team.

Lesson #3

You can’t win if you don’t show up. Don’t let the naysayers get the best of you. Follow your dreams and no matter how hard it is, it’ll be worth it. Afterall, you can’t win if you don’t show up. 

Lesson #4

A whisper really can be louder than a shout. Just because you might not be one of the most influential people in the world, don’t let that stop you from voicing your opinion and your personal beliefs. Sometimes the best ideas come from those who whisper and not shout.

Lesson #5

Follow the trend lines, not the headlines. Have you ever seen the commerical the says you shouldn’t always believe what you read on the internet? Well, don’t take the headlines for their face value, listen to what the actual trends are.

Things Happening Tonight!

If you haven’t already made plans to attend the official SHRM/Glassdoor Tweetup tonight. You probably should. Here’s the information:

  • Official SHRM Tweetup. Sponsored by SHRM & Glassdoor & music by DJ Jazzy Jeff. 8:00 PM-11:00 PM. House of Blues at 329 Dearborn St Chicago. Register here. (You don’t want to miss this. Craziest and most fun party at SHRM12)

Make sure to follow #SHRM13 on Twitter and Blogging4Jobs throughout the week to follow everything happening at the annual conference of the Society of Human Resource Management. What sessions are you attending today? Tell us your #SHRM13 stories by tagging #crazyshrm on instagram. 

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  1. Mary Wright says

    Out of all the SHRM stuff, I envy the fact that you got to hear Hillary Clinton Speak. I’ver heard her (and Bill) speak at various times, but this one would have been different. She was talking about something really important to me — leadership. Lucky yo8u.



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