BREAKING: SHRM Announces Name & Details of New HR Certification Program

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Volunteer SHRM leaders just received an email prior to the SHRM Conference that announced the new of the much awaited SHRM Certification program. I’m publishing snippets of the original email which was sent to volunteer leaders of SHRM today. To get the skinny and information on the media, details and press behind the change, click here.

What we Know About the New SHRM Certification

The email sent to SHRM Volunteer leaders today outlined two different types of certification. The two names of the programs are below. What they entail or the requirements are still not yet available to SHRM members, leaders or the general public.

  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

Additionally, SHRM has established  a governance body called the SHRM Certification Commission that will serve as a technical advisory committee and will have delegated authority from the SHRM Board.  SHRM’s email states that they are designing our certification program to meet the highest standards of the industry and are creating the SHRM Certification Commission in order to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.  The SHRM Certification Commission will oversee all technical aspects of the certification program, including the overall development of the exam, eligibility requirements and issuance of recertification.  The commission will be comprised of volunteers who have extensive HR and business expertise from industries and organizations around the world.

Information About the Certification Preparation and Recertification Credit

Recertification and what counts toward recertification will remain the same through the end of 2014.  SHRM chapters and state councils can offer recertification credits through 2015 for both the current certification and the new SHRM certification as part of their meetings and programming.  SHRM will continue to support the current programs through the December 2014 – January, 2015 testing windows.

This blog is an HRCI Approved Provider offering free webinars and other webcasts either live or on demand. I’m hopeful that there is information and details for a resource like Blogging4Jobs. My hope is to meet with a member of the SHRM Certification Governance Board during the Annual Conference next week.

SHRM also states they will continue to submit their own 2014 and 2015 programs to HRCI for pre-approved recertification credits in order to ensure that individuals with current certifications meet the eligibility requirements to obtain the new SHRM certification. SHRM Learning Systems will remain available for sale via SHRM through November 30, 2014.

Who to Contact with Questions About SHRM Certification

Please visit  You can also email directly.

Keep up to speed about the new changes with regard to SHRM’s Certification Program by joining our email newsletter. Click here

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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Reader Interactions


  1. Katie Pfledderer says

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. The post was very helpful as we’re also trying to understand how this will impact being able to offer credit hours for our webinars and events. Hope we can connect at SHRM. Cheers!

  2. Mike says

    I think SHRM tripped over their own feet on this one, not well received at all!! SHRM-SCP… Seriously?

  3. Mike says

    Their own governance body? That does not lend credibility to the certification, no way, no how!!!

  4. Lisa Williams, SPHR says

    Thanks for the information. I hate the name. Try putting that on a business card. Doesn’t help with how one gets re-certification through SHRMs program, but I guess they have three years to get that lined up.

  5. Mike says

    The more I think about this, the more it smells funny. SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP?? They have lost their minds if they think people will opt ot have this certification in place of HRCI certification. At some point employers will not support both certifications and employees that are in the profession will have to pick up the tab on keeping one or both certifications. Right now, PHR and SPHR is known as the gold standard for identifying capable, certified individuals, I don’t see that changing. Sorry SHRM, you have messed up.

  6. Tony Murray says

    I would like to see HRCI play hardball with SHRM and stall or turn down their efforts to get HRCI credit for SHRM program’s. What’s good for the goose….



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