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Vice President Is the Latest Bad Barbie Job

This summer Mattel will launch a new Barbie two-pack: President and Vice President Barbie running mates. The two Barbies will come with a podium, a button, and two cute suits. The dolls will be available in a variety of races – but not in the new Barbie body types. Barbie first ran for the presidency […]

Building Uncommon Trust Through Everyday Action

building uncommon trust through everyday action

Creating a high performance work place is a complex endeavor. As leaders, we painstakingly work to move our organizations toward lofty goals. We focus and continue to believe in what we are doing in the face of challenge and adversity, even when immediate results are not visible. Effective leadership requires we take a good look […]

No Resume? No Problem for Daredevil’s Karen Page

In addition to my work on Blogging4Jobs and freelance editing, I also write about popular culture at Women Write About Comics and other sites. It’s a blessing when my interests come together, as they did in my Barbie series or when I wrote about HR in the zombie apocalypse. But today there’s another crossover topic […]

The HR Sorority Sister

The HR Sorority Sister

Explore the parallels between HR professionals & sorority sisters. Learn the importance of maintaining composure & overcoming stereotypes.