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About HR Tech Insights

When it comes to planning our own development and growth opportunities, the past year feels like a wash, as many planned conferences and expos were either canceled or quickly pivoted to online sessions.

This event is a part of our demo series for HR leaders 100 percent online and will feature a virtual interactive demo from Reward Gateway.

Hear From Reward Gateway Customers

“… It’s increased our culture, we’re a much more positive organization. We’re much more open and transparent so if any of those things are challenges for an organization utilizing some thing like reward gateway should be a no-brainer.” 

“The platform we were using to recognize before was an operator on the floor handing in a paper nomination it happens thats easy for them…now being so easy to access goes back to the behaviors we value so much across the company making them visible  because we can also measure and track them…”

“We worked on a comprehensive companywide effort to really answer the question who are we. Once I had all that I knew I would wanna bring this to life and that’s where I saw the Reward Gateway platform being the ideal vehicle to do that.”

About Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway helps clients increase employee engagement and drive business results through a tailored platform that combines employee recognition, communications, surveys, discounts, wellbeing and engagement analytics in one unified hub.

Our customized reward and recognition platform helps create a culture of continuous recognition and appreciation across your entire business. It empowers everyone, from your frontline employees to your Leadership Team, line managers and everyone in between to celebrate contributions that drive your business forward through multi-directional reward and recognition that aligns to your mission, values and employer brand.

Our employee communications tools to create unity and connections among your workforce, no matter where or when they are working. It keeps all employees (including remote and frontline workers) connected and informed. It opens up more opportunities for conversation with employee communications tools built for interactions, engagement and two-way conversation, and allows you to put communications at the heart of your engagement strategy.

Our Client Success Team partners with organizations across industries to create fully branded solutions aligned to your employee engagement goals, and to reflect your unique mission, culture and employer brand to drive the highest levels of platform usage.

More than 1,900 of the world’s leading companies partner with Reward Gateway to connect, recognize, and support their people, and have committed to Making The World a Better Place to Work.



George Dixion

Associate Director, US Sales and Consulting

For the past decade, George has worked with businesses to provide strategic guidance and practical expertise related to employee engagement. He is passionate about working with HR Leaders to achieve their business objectives, particularly in the area of change, engagement, recognition, attraction and retention.  George brings a global perspective and has been privileged to partner with hundreds of companies, from global brands such as Discovery Communications, Atos, IBM and Computershare, to regional and local businesses across all industries.  He has been successful in helping his clients to think differently and embrace technology to enhance their employee experience.