Review: How Candidate Scheduling Tool Cronofy Streamlines Hiring Processes

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Review: How Candidate Scheduling Tool Cronofy Streamlines Hiring Processes

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Working in recruitment, we’re all on a journey looking for continuous improvements and monitoring trends in hiring to improve our products and service.

In the past two years, a lot has happened to the world of work, and it’s had a huge impact on recruitment in every respect. From the processes we use to the way we communicate with candidates, everything has been impacted. The dramatic shift in the labor market, which felt at times volatile during the pandemic, has now made way for a candidate-driven market – created by talent shortages. Hiring is more competitive than ever before. People are looking for new jobs, everyone is hiring. It should be easy, but the talent shortage and the saturation of jobs on offer mean that businesses really need to ask – how can we stand out in such a competitive market?  

Salaries, perks, and benefits are still top of the list of ways to attract candidates, but there are other, more sustainable ways to stand out in the war for talent. Candidates are looking for an experience that is simple and makes them feel like they matter, and that their time matters.

Technology can play a big part in helping your business to stand out in a saturated market. A 2020 survey by Yello highlighted this issue further, finding the average time to hire across all industries to be three to four weeks. The same report found that on average, recruiters are spending two-thirds of their overall hiring process on interview scheduling. This year, there has been a great shift in candidates’ appetite to seek new roles. They have become stressed, more aware of issues in their jobs, want to continue to work remotely, or have understood their true value and reassessed their role.

It’s important that when sourcing the best talent we approach this in a way that reflects the time we’re in. People are busy, overworked, and feel undervalued. Offering them an easy move is something we, as recruiters, can do to help.

One way to stand out and show respect for a candidate’s time is to make the process of arranging the interview easy. Recruiters are now also tackling the mix of remote and in-person interviews, adding another layer of complexity to the process. We’re now operating in a hybrid world – where and how an interview happens can’t be assumed anymore.

Scheduling tools like the Cronofy Scheduler provide recruiting organizations with an effective way to hire faster by improving candidate interview scheduling and offering them a seamless booking experience that doesn’t add any friction to the hiring process. 

Cronofy’s research shows that 64% of recruiters take two or more days to schedule an interview. Add to that the fact that 90% of recruiters send at least two emails or make at least two phone calls to organize an interview time, it’s clear that one of the biggest bottlenecks in hiring involves the coordination of schedules. Whether it’s you, as the recruiter, the hiring manager, or the candidate. The Cronofy Scheduler offers a way to make everyone’s interviewing experience more seamless. 

Seamless Candidate Experience and Hiring Processes


One of the reasons I love the Cronofy Scheduler platform is how easy it is to use. Their interface is intuitive, providing the recruiting coordinator the ability to quickly invite everyone to the party, reducing the number of emails required. The organizer can also toggle whose availability they would like to consider; useful where multiple panel participants are needed. Using the Cronofy Scheduler as part of your hiring process can reduce the time it takes to fill a vacancy by as much as six days and interviews are scheduled 95% faster. Hiring managers only need to share their availability and you don’t need to chase them to find out when they’re free.

Cronofy has worked with thousands of HR Tech companies to understand the requirements of their users and recruiters, to build an interface that solves their challenges. Recruiters need to be able to quickly share the availability of interviewers with candidates in a personalized way. The personalized link already empowers the candidate to choose a time that suits them, based on the availability of all the panelists. New features like Rescheduling grant even more ownership to the candidates, to make the interview scheduling process more flexible and responsive.

Recruiters can set up an account within minutes and begin sharing their availability with hiring managers and candidates, giving them options and a personalized experience, while protecting their own calendars. You’re only ever sharing your availability, not your actual calendar. Their ability to provide a date and time range allows others to schedule easily and seamlessly, only within your preset working hours or customized periods. The tool is backed by their powerful scheduling APIs (used by some of the world’s leading HR Tech brands), which means it’s an ideal and secure solution for teams of any size. 

Integrations Are Easy with Cronofy

The Cronofy Scheduler offers easy integrations with both Gmail and Outlook, allowing you to drop personalized scheduling links for interviews when you’re writing emails to candidates. Again, their UX is intuitive and easy to use, customized branding options mean you can deliver a consistent experience of a brand even when candidates book interviews. These integrations make it even easier for recruiters to create links and seamlessly set up interviews, within the tools they’re already using.

Other calendar scheduling tools are clunky and less adapted to improving the candidate experience. Cronofy’s system allows you to simply invite someone to have access to your calendar – you control the dates, times, and availability. You can also control who has access to your calendar and for how long on an individual basis. Connected Contacts allows you to offer multiple people’s availability for more complex scenarios such as panel interviews. If the meeting needs to happen virtually, all the major conferencing services can be integrated and embedded in the invites automatically. It keeps your calendar secure while also allowing you to manage your time and productivity in the most effective way.

What’s New?

Cronofy is now focused on bringing the power of the Scheduler into the ATS that are used by Talent Acquisition teams around the world. The first of these custom integrations is with Greenhouse and they have also built integrations with Success Factors and SmartRecruiter which will be launching soon. The automated interview scheduling features fit seamlessly into your existing hiring workflows within the Greenhouse platform. Recruiters save time and back-and-forth is eliminated, to improve candidate experience. Customizable Scheduling Rules allow them to move automatically through the hiring process. 

There are a range of new features that have been launched for the Scheduler to help recruiters deliver a more efficient and seamless candidate experience. It’s now possible to arrange sequenced interviews and offer a pool of people’s availability –either to create a panel interview with multiple interviewers’ combined availability or just ensure that one of the people in the group is available.

It’s common for recruiters to arrange interviews on behalf of hiring managers. The Cronofy Scheduler now offers the choice to arrange an interview using other people’s availability, while excluding your own. As the organizer, you can still keep track of the interview when the candidate has booked it, but it won’t require you to be an attendee or include your calendar in the times offered. The ability to create scheduling links as Private Events ensures that the candidates’ data is kept totally confidential within the calendar. 

If you’re looking for an impactful way to stand out in the current hiring market and speed up your time-to-hire then Cronofy’s interview scheduling solutions are ideal. Save your team hundreds of hours a year and create a winning candidate experience. Whether you have a team of 10 or 1,000, there’s something to be said right now for simplicity – especially in the current competitive market. Cronofy makes scheduling candidate interviews streamlined, automated, and easy. You can learn more about Cronofy Scheduling and sign up to try the Scheduler at


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