Review: Cornerstone Xplor is a Connected Learning and Growth Experience for Your Employees

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Review: Cornerstone Xplor is a Connected Learning and Growth Experience for Your Employees

One of the things about me you might not know is that I’m a lifelong learner. It is an important cornerstone to my success as an HR leader which is one of the reasons why I’m excited to tell you about Cornerstone Xplor, launched by Cornerstone just weeks ago. I was able to sit in on an early demo of the product and I think you’ll find it as compelling as I do. At its heart, Cornerstone Xplor solves some big challenges that HR leaders have faced over the past several months — employee development, skills, engagement and retention. How do we keep our talent connected to the company’s mission and goals, while giving them the resources and tools they want to grow their careers? How do we put the success of our employees in their hands, enable them to learn what they are specifically passionate about, and support them with continuous and rapid learning?

This is where Cornerstone Xplor comes in. It’s an end-to-end growth platform tying together the tools and technology to make the internal talent process more cohesive and complete. 

How Cornerstone Xplor is Different From Traditional LMS 

Things are really changing in the world of work. We want to put employees in the driver’s seat when it comes to the direction in which they want to take their career. With Cornerstone Xplor, employees have a single platform to identify the skills they already have (and potentially become mentors for others), skills they want to develop, see customized content and suggested skills to users based on the job title they have, seek opportunities for learning and development, and see what career paths are available to them currently and as they add new skills.

Unlike traditional learning platforms or learning management software, Cornerstone Xplor is an end-to-end skills alignment tool that brings all elements of people growth into a single platform that is easy to use and puts opportunities for learning and growth in the hands of your employees. This is continuous and rapid learning opportunities for all employees in an organization.

The Cornerstone Xplor homepage is personalized to help employees see the content you’ve promoted, the training they need to take or the content that will help them meet their skill or learning needs.

With Cornerstone Xplor, your employees can identify which skills they have, what skills they would like to improve, and even opt out of skills they aren’t interested in. The information is based on job title as well as what your employees provide and is captured within the centralized employee profile (which means you and your employees always have a record of training and development at their fingertips). It is then analyzed within the platform using AI and machine learning, which enables it to intelligently suggest new learning opportunities, connect employees with mentors and experts, recommend communities of practice and identify potential career paths within your organization. 

A lot of times, we don’t really know what we don’t know or even where to start. And we seek what we don’t know through self discovery. So how can we help our employees do that directly? Discover view in the Cornerstone Xplor dashboard features curated, personalized content presented in various ways, such as “what’s trending within my organization?” Your employees want to know what other people find beneficial within the organization so they can keep their finger on the pulse of what is actually trending in real time. This feature also has the ability to scour the open web and automatically tag and associate bits of content with the skills your employees have provided within the solution. All content is curated and filtered for quality, and searchable by skill and by content vendor.

It also allows employees to select what courses, content, links, video and so on that they are specifically interested in and save them for the next time they access their dashboard. This allows them to pace their own training goals and the next steps in their career.

The Career Explorer feature lets employees take their career development into their own hands by providing a centralized location to explore career opportunities and to receive personalized development to support career advancement. 

The platform is so intuitive that user adoption is easy; you don’t have to hire a team of instructional designers or experts in order to roll this out at the employee level. 

How Cornerstone Xplor Supports High-Level Company Goals

This makes things so easy for HR and for company managers. With self-identified data from employees, talent leaders can build skills pools, identify experts, and offer employees ways to grow in their careers that not only supports high-level organizational goals, but also removes implicit bias from these decisions. This is the feature that really impressed me, as it also helps companies work towards diversity and inclusion goals and develop new and inclusive career paths. Cornerstone Xplor becomes a consultative tool in a way that is similar to a skills audit to help uncover gaps in training. 

I love how this is laid out and how easy to use it is. Cornerstone Xplor can also be customized in a variety of ways to include internal and external training, self-directed and assigned training, managers have access to see how their teams are doing and how each employee is progressing so they can easily get a snapshot of their employee’s development when it comes time for performance reviews. This is so great for companies that have remote employees or managers with a lot of direct reports because it increases the manager’s knowledge of what their employees want to learn about and what training they have completed, and allows managers to become more connected to team member’s personal goals.

Career pathing and career mapping is great for retention, which is important for any organization right now. Cornerstone Xplor not only creates a skills-forward development experience for employees, but it allows them to match and connect those skills to new career paths — and the key here is that those career paths are within your company. The skills matching technology doesn’t just enable every employee to proactively pursue career paths that accelerate their own development, it also helps organizational leaders identify the expertise that is already within their companies so that they can work to support internal mobility and reduce the need to constantly seek external talent to fill skills gaps.

One of the most interesting things about Cornerstone Xplor is that its AI technology actually serves to make the employee experience more human and allows scalability at a level that many of us have just dreamed about. The AI is smarter, intuitive and more self-directed than traditional talent management platforms and it is the reason that the deep level of personalization offered in Cornerstone Xplor is possible. I know we’re all thinking about how to humanize the employee experience — especially those of us who are supporting remote and hybrid teams — so that we can meet employee expectations and give them the tools and resources they need to be successful and excited about their career development.

Learn more about Cornerstone Xplor at Cornerstone

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