Recruiting Trends for 2015

Every year the job market changes, and 2015 is no different. Employers trying to stay current with the latest trends need to be aware of how the market has changed and what that means for their hiring practices. The job market has picked up again in 2015, meaning that people are starting to job hop again, which creates a more competitive landscape for employers seeking to attract and retain top talent. While staying on top of these changes and remaining competitive can be time consuming, ultimately paying close attention to differences both large and subtle is the difference between a great recruiting year or losing out to your competitors on the best talent. With this in mind we held conversations with our partners and looked into our own data to help determine what some of the big trends in recruiting for 2015 will be.

3 Recruiting Trends that will affect your hiring

Now that you’re starting into the year and beginning to address your hiring strategies, it’s time to consider what trends will affect your recruiting efforts for 2015. Here are a few of the trends to expect based off our research:


Job seekers, especially Millennials, are expecting more transparency from their employers. They want employers to be more honest about salary and bonus structures and also seek honesty as a key trait in their leaders. With social media making it easy to connect to current or past employees to find out more about what goes on behind-the-scenes, it may be that employers will have little choice but to comply with that demand. Also take transparency into account when dealing with social issues with millennials. In a recent survey, 89% of millennials expressed a strong likelihood that they would buy from a company that supported solutions to social issues, and 63% wanted their employers to contribute to social or ethical causes they felt were important. Millennials wear their ideals on their sleeve and in order to attract them, don’t be shy about standing for something and letting it be known.

Mobile Hiring 

More job seekers are looking at online ads on their smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices can be used on the go, but work best with mobile-friendly websites. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you may be missing some opportunities to connect with valuable talent. Take the time to talk to your tech department and develop a strategy to transition your website and your career section to be mobile friendly. By getting the jump on this now you’ll be ready to outperform your competitors as customers and job seekers move more and more to mobile as their preferred medium to connect to the internet.

Tougher to Retain

Since it is much easier to submit many resumes at once online, and the job market has loosened, employers are starting to have difficulty retaining their employees who seek greener pastures. Attention should be paid to retention more and more, especially as the Baby Boomers retire and the candidate pool starts to shrink. Engage your current employees often and provide them with feedback and opportunities to learn and grow. Millennials especially value this type of feedback and enjoy seeking out opportunities to grow and learn. Your company may not have the budget or resources to have daily free lunches or a game room, but that’s not always what counts the most. Professional support and one-on-one guidance doesn’t cost much and goes a long way towards keeping employees happy and engaged.

Hiring practices will always change and evolve with time. No one has a crystal ball to see the future, but many changes in the landscape can be easily dealt with by an HR manager who takes the time to pay attention to not only what’s happening outside the company, but with it’s current employees as well. Any company that takes the time to keep the future in mind while also being attentive to their current needs will fare well when competing to hire and retain their talent.

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