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With values like Happiness (Zappos), Awesomeness (Mindvalley), Luv (Southwest) and Joy (Menlo Innovations) taking center stage in terms of corporate culture, recruiting in 2014 will give ways to words like big data, marketing corporate culture, and hiring for a cultural fit.  Like bottle service in a club, what will be popping of in 2014 in this thing we call recruiting?  Here are this Chicks picks:

I love it when you call me Big Data

Throw your hands in the air if you’re a recruiting player that is tapping into the multiple facets of using big data to find top candidates.   There is some great software out there that creates profiles of rockstar employees’ cognitive skills, personality, and specific scenarios of what top employee would do when encountering specific on-the-job scenarios.  Based on these characteristics, companies are creating screening software for hiring.  With this software, hiring managers are so keen on the software’s appraisal of these candidates, many want to forgo the resume and interview process altogether.  If you are looking for passive candidates, there’s even software that can tell you candidates that are on the prowl for a new gig based on the updates made to their social media presence.

Recruiting for a Cultural Fit

What’s hotter than Beyonce’s visual album?  Hiring for a cultural fit, especially for young startup companies.  There’s already some pretty awesome software which classifies candidate’s work style and recommends the corporate culture that would be the best for them.  If you still don’t know what to do with your social media accounts, promoting your corporate culture is a great way to attract like-minded candidates that would thrive in your company’s culture.

Resumes become Extinct

With many studies showing the extreme biases played in selecting a candidate based off their resume, past experience not being indicative of future success, and even companies like Google placing less weight on your level of education/grades, what good is this thing called a resume?  Not to mention, most applicants are using their LinkedIn profile to upload their profile into most applicant tracking software.  Companies already hiring for a cultural fit are exploring resume alternatives such as video resumes, analytics/creative exercises, and candidate’s social media presence to separate the good candidates from the great candidates. Startups like The One Page Company are helping hasten the death of the resume.  With a 60% interview and hire rate, you can bet that creating a solution via 1 Page Proposal, a tool that allows candidates to present a solution to a company’s problem, proves to be more valuable for all parties than adjusting the margins on the ol’ resume.

Do you see corporate culture as a big recruiting trend in 2014? Holla!

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Stephanie Krieg

Stephanie Krieg aka HRChick is the Founder of HR Culture Club. She is a corporate culture consultant, who makes work fun while gettin' sh*t done. In her spare time, she enjoys club hopping, bottle popping, and online shopping. Connect with Stephanie.

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  1. Jay Canchola says

    If machines (big data, online profiles, visual data) start to make decisions on whom to hire, promote, and fire, then the people engaged in these tasks will no longer be needed. Interesting scenario. Maybe this could be an interview question: If software can make better people decisions, then do we need HR professionals?



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