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We spend so much time treating the symptoms in human resources and recruiting instead of diagnosing the problem and making changes to the broader organization which will ultimately impact not just recruiting but the entire employee lifecycle at organizations. Like fad diets, we are attracted to the newest, shiniest, and coolest tools instead of investing the time and doing the work to really drive HCM change.

This is one reason why I was excited to demo ClearCompany, as its focus and methodology is on the larger organization and employee journey. Its technology is designed to help hire, retain, and engage A Players offering a complete talent management system.

As part of my time with ClearCompany, I talked with them extensively about their technology, philosophies, and methodologies that support how they do what they do. The company boasts a 99% client retention rate, offering each client a dedicated client success person. If you have a question, you don’t ring a call center. You have a relationship with a team and client success manager who is a partner focused on helping your organization.

Technology with Competency-Based Models Baked In

I’m a huge proponent of competencies as they provide organizations with a foundation and a clear sense of direction. ClearCompany uses the HRSG competency model for its talent attraction technology that offers client resources including helping design job postings and description that support HRSG. If HRSG isn’t your preferred competency model, fear not, as they are able to support any model or method your organization is leveraging.

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ClearCompany’s commitment to competencies speaks volumes. Its support and technology isn’t lip service and is designed to support your organization in making strategic change by diagnosing the problem instead of just focusing on the symptoms.

Other resources the company offers that impressed me are its 200+ role templates and a robust recruiting and HR resource library providing content, support, and resources that allow you to drive transformational change, quickly serving as not just a supportive technology but a trusted friend and consultative partner.

Customized HR Reporting and Dashboards

In my many years of experience working in HR and recruitment, I’ve learned how varied HR and recruiting metrics are especially for global organizations and those with multiple locations such as warehouses, retail, and call center. No two HR organizations are ever the same, which is why I love that ClearCompany offers the ability to customize its metric dashboards. The dashboards offer fully customizable reporting options as granular or as big picture as you and your team need.

The report I was most excited about during my conversations with the ClearCompany team was its hiring trends report that gives HR leaders access to interviewing effectiveness and trend reports by department, division, team and/or hiring manager.

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It’s that customized nature and special touches that impressed me throughout the demo, including the use of goal and goal setting in all of their suite of products. Because it’s fully integrated, goals, priorities, data, and reports are visible throughout.

Goal Alignment Across the Organization

Goal alignment is essential for any successful organization. ClearCompany makes it easy with full-integration in all areas of its platform. The goal setting and prioritization features are available for all users and modules. One of my favorites is the performance tool that offers customized approval and workflow processes. Individual employees are able to submit goals and include comments for their self-reviews or as the manager of a team.

ClearCompany offers an easy to use and customizable technology platform that is comprehensive for all areas of human capital. I loved its consultative approach and user experience that is focused not just on the candidate experience, but for all users of its technology from HR, employees, executives, to all levels of management. I invite you to click here to request a demo and learn more about the ClearCompany experience. 

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