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6 Resume Tips for Posting Online Websites

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Making your resume stand out online is not that difficult. While resume posting websites might have hundreds if not thousands of good and successful online resumes, much help can be had by incorporating these resume tips that appeal to recruiters.

As a recruiter, online job boards are a great source of candidates. In the staffing business, we call this resume mining. When I log onto Monster, Hotjobs, or CareerBuilder and select the search function, I can select the parameters to mine resumes online. Some options include search by zip code, recent updated or newly posted resumes by 1 week, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days, and by keyword search.

6 Resume Tips for Posting Online Websites

Some things to consider when you post your resume online to make it stand out:

1. Update your resume frequently. Resumes that are updated frequently get more hits and contact from a recruiter. Resumes are listed by relevancy to keyword search and by most recent.

2. Consider the title of your resume. When your online resume title is “J-dawg’s updated resume” a recruiter can see this. What first impression do you want to leave the recruiter with? Consider creative and professional ways to get the recruiter’s attention in 7 words or less.

3. Use a professional email address on your résumé. and others are absolutely not appropriate to use for an email address on your resume. Use gmail, yahoo, or hotmail to create a new, professional email. I caution you from using the year you were born in your email address as well.

4. Make sure your resume includes “buzz words.” Buzz words are industry or position specific words that a recruiter will search for resumes that include these words. Do some homework to determine which words are commonly used.

5. Be honest. Don’t waste your or the recruiter’s time by misrepresenting yourself with a false resume.

6. Steer clear of confidential resumes. Include at the least an email or a phone number where a recruiter can contact you. Yes, you will receive some spam and unwanted solicitations, but it is much easier for me as a recruiter to associate a name with your resume. If you are concerned with identify theft, don’t include your address or only use the first initial of your last name like Steven P.


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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) is a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is a global speaker. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.

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  1. Alaguvel says

    Good one.
    This post is useful for the recruiters. Once the recruiter use job boards, its too easy to find the right candidate and also it reduces the pressure for the recruiter.

  2. ATallGuy says

    I realize this was posted several years ago – but it was new to me so a word of caution about the advice in suggestion #3. It’s best to use first initial last name, or first dot last name, or some other combination of your name or maybe even the job title you want like bestadmin or numberonesales or something catchy like that but only if you want to work at a company or in an industry that will appreciate and value a bit of humor – otherwise it could come off as corny or unprofessional.

    The other part of suggestion #3 should be to amend the type of email service you use. The email address you use for your job search says volumes about who you are and it can often be a first impression.

    I’ve worked at a few tech companies and start-ups for the last decade and that’s the type of company I’ve been targeting in my job search. While waiting for an interview at a recruitment firm three weeks ago I heard two employees laughing about someone having a Hotmail account. The initial comment was, “what kind of dinosaur still uses Hotmail?” and the response was, “at least it’s not Yahoo.” When I found out my appointment was with one of the gals who had been laughing, I scored some bonus points with her by deriding AOL.

    The attitude at that company and probably at many companies that value technology, innovation and creativity is that Gmail is the most feature rich and cutting edge email technology currently available.

    I realize many people want to maintain the accounts they’ve had for years but Gmail has really pushed the boundaries of what email is and what it can be. The other services have basically been playing catch-up or they’ve given up on innovating anything.

    Before you think this is just a plug for Google – please note that Gmail is totally free and it’s so simple to set it to automatically forward to any other email account you have – just remember to respond from the Gmail account but you can monitor it from Hotmail or Yahoo and no one has to know! Gmail just added several ways to layout your inbox so you can pick a style that mimics what you’re used to so the learning curve isn’t as steep.

    Learning new things quickly and being current on new and efficient ways of doing things are skills that are applicable to any and every job. You can demonstrate these traits with a Gmail address.



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