Recruiters Spend 54 Days A Year on the Phone [Infographic]

Recruiters are constantly being connected to potential candidates over the phone, through email, social media, and every other means possible. The year in the life of a recruiter can range from promotions to connecting with thousands of candidates.

This infographic is one of our favorites because it shows the recruiter’s life in a year snapshot. One thing the infographic didn’t include which I would like to see is how much time recruiters actually spending on social media? Is it more or less than the average person and more importantly does it lead to actually filling positions? I guess the use case really depends on the focus on measurement and the recruiter’s goal when it comes to social at the end of the day.

Do you agree with the portrayal? What does a year in YOUR life as a recruiter look like?

Recruiters Spend 54 Days A Year on the Phone

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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