Recapping Recruiting Trends Week #recruittrends

This week 25 bloggers came together and wrote about a slew of important trends in which they believe will and should be a #1 priority in 2014. As the week came to an end we wanted to highlight our favorite blogs that made it across our site this week. What was your favorite? What were your #1 takeaways from this week?

Recapping Recruiting Trends Week

Recruiting Meets Corporate Culture: Most smaller companies looking to recruit top talent can’t forget about the important of a good cultural fit. Read more

Mobile is Here to Stay. Get Used to it: If you haven’t already set aside money for mobile recruiting, you’re about 5 years behind the game. This blog is a great example on why mobile recruiting is here to stay in 2014 and beyond. Read more

3 Ways to Boost Your Retail Recruiting Efforts in 2014: Learning how to boost your retail recruiting efforts this year will go a long way if you’re hiring mass quantities or looking to keep good employees employed. Our resident retail expert gives us 3 ways to do this. Read more

Internal Recruiting Gets Sexier in 2014: Hiring internally is going to big in 2014. Instead of spending money for outside recruiting why not take a look internally to find the right candidate for the next job. Get sexy with internal recruiting this year! Read more

2 out of 3 Companies to Expand Social Recruiting: Social recruiting is a hot topic right now — don’t let this trend pass you by. Companies will rapidly start expanding their social recruiting strategies in 2014. Don’t get left behind! Read more

Well, there you have it! We came, we wrote, we saw, we conquered! If you’re looking for the new trends this year pay attention to our recruiting trends week section on our website.

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