Pop, Dazzle, and Wow

Strategy for Effective Communication

This week I’ve been traveling across Oklahoma meeting with different facility managers and conducting interviews as part of my work with a client.  We are building a series of communication channels to reach groups of employees who work in independent facilities where a singular message from both their facility managers as well as corporate leadership is a challenge.  The client is not alone in their mission.  In fact, I’ve never worked for or with an organization couldn’t improve their internal communication whether from front line managers to senior level leaders, communication is what drives productivity and engagement among your workforce.

While internal communication in most organizations is almost always a priority, an effective strategy is rarely implemented that makes a difference.  Boring corporate memos, CEO videos plastered across your corporate portal, quarterly earnings figures litter email inboxes and bulletin boards at most organizations.  And yet, it isn’t really effective.

One manager’s point of view really resonated with me.  Her strategy when it comes to communication is simple yet effective.  She calls it, “Pop, dazzle, and wow.”


Your message has to pop.  Grab the attention of your audience and resonate with them.  Communication among your staff is not unlike traditional forms of marketing, it must insert itself into the conversation and demand their attention.  This quick pop could be in the form of mobile communication through a text message or a quick morning meeting to start the day.  Small information that makes an impression can resonate and stay with your audience for an hour, a day, or even a lifetime.


Because other forms of marketing and communication are competing for your employees attention, dazzling them helps not only to support the message but generates conversation among peers, customers, and fosters that workplace grapevine.  And isn’t it nice to fill the grapevine with positive mojo for a change?


A wow workplace involves employee acknowledgement, recognition, and a culture that focuses on rewarding others for a job well done.  And today during my visit, I saw just that.  And it made me proud.

These Pop, Dazzle, and Wow moments in the workplace are so important especially when you consider that  76% of adults work more than 40 hours a week, and ten million work more than 60 hours a week.  We’re spending a lot of time at work crunching numbers, writing reports, and delighting customers.  And our managers should be delighting and injecting fun into our workplaces to drive a magical, delightful, and enchanting workplace experience.

Pop, Dazzle, and Wow

What are you doing to “pop, dazzle, and wow” your workplace?  What really works?

Before you get started wowing your workforce, take a look at the infographic below.  We’re married to our work.  Isn’t it time our work starting giving back?  

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