The Pop Culture Employment Law Blog Carnival

Employment Law Blog Carnival

The best approach to introduce new readers to outstanding, fascinating, and helpful blogs is through blog carnivals. I’m grateful for the growth of the employment law blog specialty during the previous two years. Because an employment law attorney and HR professionals can prevent legal problems at work. I’m honored to host the Employment Law Carnival this month because of this. Visit these bloggers, who take the time to provide content online, and check out these fantastic blog entries.

New Year and New Predictions

Mike Haberman looks into his crystal ball for 2013 and shares with us his Predictions for HR while Daniel Schwartz looks into the tea leaves and waves his magic wand giving us employment law 2013 predictions.  Love the Harry Potter reference.

Employee Attorney offers her predictions into 2013, and I agree.  It’s an exciting time to work in HR and employment law.  Read her sassy predictions here.

There’s one thing I can count on when it comes to the NLRB, and that’s trouble with a capital T. Washington Workplace get us up to speak on the NLRB’s Latest Trio of Cases.

Case Law That Creates Conversation

I love pop culture references especially from attorneys & HR.  I think they’re witty and it demonstrates we have a life outside of work regardless of what the employees at the office think.  HR Genius tells us Fight Club’s First Rule of HR is Not to Talk About Your Laywer.

Lawffice Space gives us an alluring point of view on the termination of the simply irresistible woman. This case was simply too compelling not to blog about.

Here’s a blog post I can really relate to having worked in HR retail and the home improvement industry for a number of years.  Motorized equipment in an environment like that is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Read Lititgation of the Absurd from Maha Law Firm.

For two employees, the Price Is Right.  Constangy, Brooks, & Smith’s Employment Law Blog talks pregnancy discrimination.  Having experienced this myself and choose not report, it’s an important lesson for all employers even Bob Barker.

Most employers believe that workplace wellness programs are a good thing.  Read about one wellness program gone wrong from Milwaukee Employment Lawyer Blog.

Social media and it’s viral qualities create an opportunity for disgruntled employees to air their dissatisfactions very publicly.  It’s why I’m an advocate of HR and PR working together to develop a crisis management plan for situations like the Win-Win HR Blog describes.  Read Social Media is Leveling Public Relations Playing Field for Disgruntled Employees.

Employment Law 101

More times than not HR is the messenger who delivers bad news.  Mary Wright tell us How to Deliver Bad News in HR.  Managers should read and learn a thing or two.

Continuing the pop culture theme, is it legal to terminate an employee because they are Simply Irresistible?  Thanks, to John of the Michigan Employment Law Connection, I can’t get that song out of my head.  Read his insights on a recent case stemming from a termination where a boss terminated a female worker because she was irresistible.

Employee garnishments always seemed to cause a host of problems for my payroll team.  Read Employee Garnishments Require Personal Service from Washington Workplace.

A good HR friend of mine and I talked recently about their newest employee and her seeing eye dog.  Damned If You Do, Damned If You  Don’t (DAMEDIF) discusses reasonable accommodations.  I’ll be referring my friend to this helpful blog resource from DAMEDIF.  The case involves Coca Cola, which is another pop culture icon.  I’m sensing a carnival theme developing.

Of course, I jumped into the blogging game.  Had to share workplace conversations are difficult.  Here are Five Difficult Conversations for the Workplace and HR.

A good leader does a lot of different things, and if you are a movie buff maybe you happened to watch Lincoln.  Manpower’s Employment Law Blawg talks Lincoln’s Leadership Lessons.

Can you dismiss or fire an employee for poor performance?  Of course, but that depends on the facts.  Good read from Canadian blogger, Stuart Rudner.

Culture fit is an important part of the candidate selection proces.  i-Sight’s blog, Smart Hiring or an Employment Discrimination Case in the Making? talks about litigation pitfalls when hiring for culture fit.

As an HR practitioner, there is nothing worse than receiving that dreaded envelope from the EEOC.  Heather Bussing gives us insights on How to Avoid Litigation. Share this with your peers, friends, and managers where you work, please.

 Thank You For Supporting the Employment Law Blog Carnival!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this month’s Employment Law Blog Carnival.  Hats off and thank you to those hard working workplace experts and lawyers who take the type to write, educate, and share their employment insights on the interwebs.  No one knows how much hard work it is to maintain, manage, and write a great blog.  Click here to learn more about the Employment Law Blog Carnival.

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