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Thank you so much for agreeing to be a guest for the Workology Podcast. The Workology Podcast is a 20-25 minute podcast dedicated to the disruptive and innovative workplace leader with a focus in the human capital industry. The podcast has been in existence for 3+ years with 300+ podcast episodes. I like to interview fun, funky and unusual guests that also offer practical advice. You can learn more about the podcast and check out some of my favorite interviews by clicking here or the button just below.

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What You Need to Know Before the Workology Podcast Interview

Podcasting is a great medium to engage and share resources, and I especially love our format since it is professionally edited on the backend. Additionally, I take special care to make sure the podcast are the highest quality and your interview is as painless as possible.

Once your podcast is live, you can access our podcast archive at www.workology.com/category/podcast. Once published your podcast will be distributed to iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and GooglePlay among others. Thanks again for your time. Please email my team with questions at hello(at)workology(d0t)com. I look forward to interviewing you for the Workology Podcast.