Pockets Full of Joy

Child like enthusiasm, excitement, and a delight without boundaries is what I think of when I watch my daughter.  A few months away from 3 years old, she is herself in everything she does.  Not yet worrying about judgements from those around her.  She’s free to be an individual and follow her joy and happiness wherever it may take her.

I’ve read recently that an adult’s happiness is scientifically proven to be relative to the number of hugs they receive as a child.  Yet another reason to give Ryleigh a few extra hugs.  She’s a happy, healthy, and joyful girl all the same.

Of the past couple of months, Ryleigh has discovered pockets on nearly everything.  Purses with pockets, pants with pockets, dollies with pockets, shirts with pockets and pockets with pockets.  With such excitement, pride, and discovery, she’ll tell me, “Momma, I have a pocket.”  She will exclaim with even more excitement when she realized that we both have pockets.  How amazing!

A few weeks ago we were shopping at our local grocery store.  Like me, my daughter is an avid people watcher, and loves to interact with everyone she comes across.  People came and went all the while Ryleigh continued to smile and say hello.  She loves to giggle and ask people important life questions like, “Do you like cookies?” or “See my shoes?”

Cruising around the store, we had nearly everything we needed.  A moment later a cart followed us down the isle.  The person pushing the cart was angry, clearly upset, grumbling, and griping at others as he made his way down the isle.

Apparently, my cart driving skills were not to this man’s liking for he huffed and he sighed as he quickly made his way down the isle.  My daughter however, had other plans for him.  She said in her sweet 2 1/2 year old voice, “Do you have pockets?”  He tried to ignore her, but she continued, “Do you have pockets?” she asked again.

The angry man looked up from his grocery list and upon looking at my daughter’s happy eyes and smiling face said, “Yes.”

Ryleigh laughed and with the biggest smile on her face said, “I have pockets too.  See?  Momma do you have pockets too?”

“Yes, I have pockets too,” I said as I watched the man’s frown fade.

“Bye-bye,” my daughter said as the man walked off no longer slouched, huffing, or an angry old man face.

It’s amazing to me how someone so young can soften a strangers heart.  My daughter didn’t solve world peace or reduce the national deficit, she did one better.  Her pockets full of joy brought a moment of happiness to an old and angry man’s heart.

Pockets Full of Joy

How are you creating pockets of joy in your life as well as your workplace?  Ryleigh and I would love for you to share your stories in the comment section below.

It’s not often that I write about my family and being a mom at Blogging4Jobs.  I like to keep the site primarily business focused, but I do talk alot about how life seeps into your work and that personal interactions and relationships matter, which is why I thought I would share this personal story with you.  

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