Pinterest Purpose Guide to Recruiting & Employer Brand: Part 2

This is the second post in a series, The Pinterest Purpose Guide.  Read Part 1. 

Defining Recruitment Marketing and Strategy Success on Pinterest

Successful recruitment marketing doesn’t just “happen.”  It’s planned; “just do it” really only works as the Nike slogan… or when I’m telling my daughters to clean their bedroom.  And that certainly holds true when it comes to posting, updating, and plotting on Pinterest.

Your Pinterest Recruiting Strategy

When it comes to ongoing Pinterest plays, there are separate strategies that should be looked at in tandem with what has made Pinterest successful:  It’s personalized, according to Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, so “..everything should feel hand-picked for [the end-user].”

  • Behavioral Psychology – If what makes Pinterest a success is tailored content, how do you know what’s really resonating with your audience?  Of course, there’s shares from your boards; but the slick marketer will look at the other pins and shares of its target audience & community.  What’s trending, what’s spurring conversation, the way your users think can really begin to unfold with careful observation & then accounted for in your planning stages.
  • Initiative Planning – It’s not enough to have a “popular board” – outside of a retail play, that’s not going to give most HR/Recruitment Marketing teams enough ROI to substantiate the development investment.  Just as you do workforce planning to forecast your hires, it’s important to do some “pinterest planning” to align company initiatives with content shares.

Types of Initiative Pinterest Planning Plays

  • Product/Services – this is obviously the easy play – but pinterest is an easy way to build buzz leading up to and post launch of a new product/service.  For established boards, it’s also a good landing spot for launching product reinnovation initiatives (floating adoption of shared content through user base) or crowdsurfing interest on offerings with waning revenues.  Nike does a most excellent job of this; but another company to watch is actually Microsoft’s board.
  • Company Happenings – Disney has done the best job, ever, of any company I’ve ever seen in relaying Company past, present, and future to the public across marketing channels.  Of course, not every company has Disney’s budget; but Pinterest does offer an opportunity to level-set that playing field by doing what it does so well:  solving the problem of how to allow your content to be “found.”  Businesses like GE & Starbucks have taken this realization to heart, sharing company history, ‘day in the life of’ different areas of their present business, and sharing glimpses into the vision for their future.  You can too!
  • Morale Issues & Recognition – “Everyone just wants to love, and be loved in return.” – Moulin Rouge  Okay, okay, not the most highbrow of quotes ever; but it works & it’s true!

Developing Your Pinterest Branding Process

More importantly, whatever you do, get out there and explore the platform first.  Pinterest offers a unique visual way to engage, promote, and build relationships with job seekers and employees alike.  It’s purpose isn’t just a web traffic engine like many bloggers and experts would like you to believe.  It is a sales machine so keep that in mind especially when developing and executing your recruitment marketing efforts on Pinterest.

This is the second post in a series on recruitment marketing and employment branding on Pinterest.  Read  The Pinterest Purpose Guide Read Part 1.

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Crystal Miller

Crystal Miller runs corporate marketing & develops client digital marketing strategy for Ajax Workforce Marketing. Ajax is the workforce marketing agency, working with HR and recruiting to drive sustained, exponential brand amplification by aligning employee and corporate messaging on LinkedIn and across social platforms. Additionally, Crystal shares her views and experience on social recruiting, culture communications, and leveraging workforce marketing/social media as a speaker/guest educator at various conferences and universities around the world. Outside of work, Crystal enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters in Dallas, Texas. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at and follow her Twitter handle: @TheOneCrystal.

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  1. Rob Kelly says

    Crystal, have you ever considered using the visuals or videos in your job descriptions to post on Pinterest? If you’re marketing your job openings well, you can harness Pinterest to directly contribute to your recruitment process. I’d highly recommend the use of video in a job descriptions anyway (job descriptions with video receive a 34 percent greater application rate). So if you’re using video, or on board to do so, link that back to Pinterest. It’s all about visuals too, so create literal job “boards.”


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