Passive Candidates: Not as "passive" as you may think?

I stumbled across a very interesting infographic produced by the good people over at Linkedin.

Here is a quote from LinkedIn that I found fascinating:

…shows that the majority of passive candidates describe themselves as ‘Explorers’ – not looking, but willing to talk. And in fact, if you focus only on the passive talent tool (which comprises about 80 percent of the fully-employed workforce), you’ll find those who are truly ‘approachable’ (whether ‘Tiptoers’ or ‘Explorers’) far outnumber the ‘Super-Passives’ who claim they’re not interested in even discussing a move.

And one more…

Reluctant to approach your dream candidate because they only started their job eight months ago? Our research shows you shouldn’t let that stand in your way, since professionals with short tenure are just as likely to be in Explorer mode.

Read the stats for yourself below. Enjoy…

LinkedIn Passive Talent

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. AvatarLeela Srinivasan says

    Thanks for sharing our research Jim! It was great to finally meet you yesterday at mrecruitingcamp. Outstanding job of emceeing what was a pretty interesting event. Looking forward to seeing you – and about 2000 of your closest friends – at Talent Connect in less than a month! Cheers, Leela