Part II: The Fortunate Rock Stars Blessed by a Mentor

Make sure to check out Part I: The Fortunate Rock Stars Blessed by a Mentor that was originally published last week before reading. 

Part II: The Fortunate Rock Stars Blessed by a Mentor

The Goal

The morning started out extremely hectic for me, as all the phone calls and introduction cards had generated so much interests that several clients were showing up on the same day.  I was working on the second level with 3 clients when my name was shouted from the first floor.  It wasn’t just one time.  It was like an echo coming from every corner of the boutique shop.  The consultants that were downstairs came running upstairs yelling, “She is here, Monica, she is here!”  My heart stopped, I felt faint.  Please understand that I had worked several jobs assisting music professionals, but Donna was on a different level in my eyes.  She was a true “Rock Star.”  The consultants were messing with my hair, pulling on shirt and jacket, and making all kinds of comments while moving towards the stairs.

I very casually walked downstairs while saying on the way down, “Donna, it is so good to finally meet you in person.”  She had two of her daughters with her and needed me to quickly find food and drink to keep them happy while she shopped.  She directed them to a seating area, as we walked side-by-side to the wardrobe changing area.  She stated that this is not her style of clothing.  I laughed and said, “I know, Donna.  But, you made my day.”  She smiled and said, “Well, what are you going to find that I will like?”  We spent a solid hour together and I savored every minute of it like a little girl in a candy shop.  There was only one moment that I fell out of professional character and it was when she was leaving.  As we walked to her car, she asked me to please continue calling each month.  She enjoyed the conversations and wanted to hear more about upcoming fashions.  I leaned in, kissed her on the cheek, told her she was an inspiration.  She smiled, yelled at the girls to get in the car and drove away.

The Celebration

We closed the doors at 6pm that night, grabbed a bottle of wine, sat in a circle and shared Donna Summer stories with one another.  All the months spent listening and learning from my mentor, along with all the other women being part of the goal, became a victory for us all.  The team was celebrating the success of a commitment of one human investing in another.  It was the driving force which made the original goal start with a declaration and end in sweet victory.   After several stories and a couple glasses of wine, we ended the evening singing “She Works Hard for the Money.”


When I look back 20 years later, I realize that rock stars are never developed by themselves.  Someone in the beginning of their career decided they were worth the time and effort for bringing them forward in their profession.  They knelt down allowing the individual to use a leg up in order to reach a rock star status.  For most of us, it is a life journey to achieve such status and is conquered by few.   I personally have continued the journey with many mentors since the days of wardrobe consulting.  And have yet to achieve rock star status, but it has been an amazing life journey with new chapters beginning every so many years.

We spend so much time searching in our personal and professional lives for a Rock Star.  When all we need to do is kneel to the individual’s right under our nose.  Who is waiting under your wing to be catapulted to “Rock Star” status?  There is no time like—today—to begin mentoring someone.

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Monica Miller

Monica Miller, CIR-PRC has worked in the healthcare industry for 12 years and transitioned from a C-Suite Executive Assistant into a Corporate Recruiter after completing a psychology degree. Her recruiting experience includes working with small and large businesses focused on behavioral and performance based interviewing. In her spare time, she offers pro bono career advice/resume writing to job seekers, connecting candidates with hiring managers via social media. Connect with Monica.


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