Part I: Online Social Networking–Recruiter’s Dirty Little Secret

Using Social Networking in your Job Hunt

What’s on your MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster page? Did you know that the content on your social networking page could keep you from getting a job? Yup, it’s true. More and more companies are viewing your social networking page as part of the hiring and background check process. I, myself have viewed candidate’s social networking pages prior to giving them the job offer. Within the last year, I have attended a training seminar with the topic of navigating social networking sites and use during background check process.

Online Social Networking

I would strongly recommend asking a trusted and respected friend or peer to take a look at your social networking page offering honest feedback and comments. Walk a mile in the recruiter’s shoes and consider what photos, comments, and postings could disqualify you from the job.

More to come later this week about how to use social networking to your advantage in the job hunt. Check out the youtube video to learn more about recruiter’s dirty little secret, viewing your social networking page as part of the hiring process.

Jessica Miller-Merrell

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