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The Power of Storytelling for Recruiters

Recruiting Meets Digital Storytelling

Recruiting Meets Digital Storytelling When it comes to recruiting and hiring, we know one thing to be true: interviewing can make or break a candidate. Maybe there really is a lack of experience, skill-related issue not easily determined by scanning a resume or simply heavy competition, but typically, if they’re good enough to be brought […]

Disengaged Employees Cost US Employers $350 Billion Per Year

How Disengaged Employees Cost the Organization

Manager and Employee Involvement Key to Successful Organizations Disengaged employees are expensive.  They cost your organization time and money either in workplace unproductivity, turnover costs, training, and lost opportunities.  They also suck the vital life force out of your organization and can ruin the dynamics of a once functioning and flourishing team.  Happy employees or […]

Blogging4Jobs Listed as Top Career Website by Forbes

Forbes 2012 Top Career Sites list

Named Forbes Best Career Site in 2012 Since 2007, Blogging4Jobs has been providing content of the career, HR, and workplace variety with over 1,100 publish blog posts since it’s inception.  That, my friends is a lot of blogs and is nearly 600,000 words give or take a few thousand.  We’re excited, humbled, and honored to be […]

4 Things to Look for When Reviewing Candidates’ Personal Blogs

How to Evaluate a Job Seeker's Blog

 How to Evaluate a Job Seeker’s Blog These days, employers know it’s important to check a job candidate’s online presence. A potential hire’s social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or other personal website can often say a lot more about them than their resume and cover letter alone. What’s rarely discussed, however, is […]

Calculating the ROI of Boomerang Employees

Ex-Employees:  The Rehire Metric

I wanted to revisit the subject of hiring boomerang employees. In my post How to Hire Backwards with Boomerang Employees I talked about the positives of hiring former employees and how many companies today are realizing that they may be a very good deal. They are a cheaper hire, they are more quickly productive and […]

Mine’s Bigger . . . Than Yours

The Impotence of Influence

I’d love you forever, if you’d take a moment and vote for my session at SXSW.  Vote here to see ‘The Impotence of Influence.  Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’ at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Conference.  Crystal and I owe you a cocktail.  She’s buying. . .  What is the Impotence of Influence? Influence is a funny […]