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Learn to be Innovative in 2013

What will your company do differently in 2013?

Eighty-eight percent of companies will innovate in ways that are “totally different than ever before” in the 21st century. December is the time to finalize your 2012 performance review and begin brainstorming on your 2013 goals. Do you have an innovation goal? One of the most significant strategic challenges for any innovation effort has to do with goals. […]

Bust or Boost Your Career with this Holiday Survival Toolkit

Holiday Career Boosters

December brings the season of festive celebrations and opportunity to boost or bust your career (and likely a whole lotta post-holiday party paper work for HR managers for the soiree gone wrong).  For the budding professional or student seeking to jump start their career or hard worker looking to stand out in a crowd, this […]

The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy: Coach Snyder Effect

Employee Rehire Policies

The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy The economy is like a pendulum and appears it’s started its swing back toward prosperity.  As a hiring manager or organizational leader, it may have been only a few short years ago you were scheduling meetings in regard to corporate layoffs.  Layoffs cost your organization more than the […]

If the Job Fits, Test It First

Skills and Pre=employment Testing

How to Hire People and Improve Candidate Quality When it comes to the hiring process particularly pre-employment assessments and testing, there is much to discuss.  Pre-employment testing provides companies with a way to clearly evaluate a job candidate’s skill using an online test process to determine their true qualifications beyond the resume or the interview. […]

How to Get Out of Your Way in the Job Search

4 steps to learn, understand, and seek feedback as a job seeker

Looking for a leg up in the job search?  Snag our free job seeker toolkit complete with resume and cover letter tool kits here.  Job Seeker Advice From Friends With nearly 75% of job seekers actively looking for work according to a 2012 Jobvite Study, it’s likely that you, yourself are in the job search. […]

How Labor Unions Are Stealing Your Brand to Organize & Campaign Online

Unions using social media to organize, recruit and campaign online

Read more about how unions are using social media and the internet to actively organize, recruit, and campaign online.  Click here.  Insights into Trademark Infringement, Unions, & the Internet One of the first rules of brand protection is enforcement action anything that looks or smells like infringement on your brand name, trademark or other property.   […]