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Resume Myth Series #3: Functional Resumes Rule

For the third installment of our series on resume myths, we going to dispel this lingering rumor that functional resumes are a viable approach for the average job seeker. Now don’t get me wrong, functional resumes do have their place, and they are appropriate on occasion. However, most job seekers that use the functional resume […]

Sex, Relationships, & Romance at Work are Akward & Inappropriate

Romance & Relationship Policy at Work & the Workplace

Back in the days of the palm pilot, it was affixed to me just like my cell phone. Living without it to manage my calendar and my life was a big, big issue. I have what I refer to as a “control problem” when it comes to my time. I’m casual on the surface but […]

Engage Employees Through Lunch Networking

How to use networking lunches to engage employees

Looking for an innovative way to engage employees and drive innovation in 2013? Consider connecting employees through networking lunches. Employees who get away from their desks at lunch feel energized, focused and more productive. Plus employees who connect often learn from one another- regularly spurring new ideas. How many of your employees eat at their […]

Five Difficult Workplace Conversations for Leaders & HR

Difficult conversations with employees

Kids have it easy. If something doesn’t look right, smell right or seem right, kids don’t hesitate to state the obvious.  They don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings.  They just say it.  I’ll never forget the time I was playing with my six-month-old daughter when a boy asked me when I my other baby was […]

Types of Job Seeker and Candidate Interview Styles

Types of Job Seeker Interviews

The job search and employee selection process takes 90 days from start the finish for a company to hire a new employee.  While the resume and cover letter are one piece of the job search and candidate evaluation process, the interview serves as an opportunity for the hiring manager and job seeker to meet face […]

Understanding HR’s Role In Mergers and Acquisitions

Human Resources Involvement in Mergers and Acquisitions

Human Resources Involvement in Mergers and Acquisitions I’ve participated in a number of merger and acquisition transactions throughout my career. Dealing with an M&A is one of the most challenging undertakings you will ever take on, and if you have ever been involved in one, you know I’m not exaggerating. The work you undertake in […]