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Leaders: How to Recognize Overfunctioning In Your Workplace

Do you feel burdened at work, or like you’re doing more than your share? You may be over-functioning. Taking more responsibility than is reasonable or realistic is sign of over-functioning. If you’re a leader or a hard worker and your tendency is to jump in and do the job, even when it isn’t yours, and […]

6 Security Concerns for Use of #HRTech & #Sourcing Technologies

I’m all for rogue recruiting. I live for budgets and finding creative ways to source, engage and reach qualified candidates in unique ways. It’s the reason in 2001, that I began using dating websites as a database to source and engage job seekers for literally no cost. Traditionally recruiting methods like newspapers weren’t working in […]

5 Recruiting & Sourcing Hacks to Save You an Hour a Day

Seems like there is never enough time in the day. While technology helps us immensely in our jobs, it also serves as a reminder I can always do more in my day. This reality serves as a constant reminder. Since moving to the Pacific Coast, my work day starts at 5 AM. It’s not uncommon […]

How to Source a CEO

How to Source a CEO   I received an interesting update recently. Well, “interesting” from a sourcing perspective. A new dotcom debuted recently for CEOs. Its called dotCEO. Details below. dotCEO for Leaders from PeopleBrowsr San Francisco – Friday 28 March, 2014 – PeopleBrowsr, owner of the registry operator for new Top Level Domain dotCEO, has announced […]

Creativity Is the Key to Saving Jobs From Robots & AI

I and others have written a number of times about jobs being replaced by robots, or becoming “robotized”. My post Job Automation Versus Human Skills & Interaction and Sara Gallagher’s post “Pssst…Robots are After Your Job” for more information. A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education explores this subject as well and gives […]

Get Back On Track: Ask “What Is Going On?”

You’re zooming along with the activities of your day and notice that something feels off, not quite right. It’s a vague feeling, one that says you’re getting thrown off balance. You could just ignore it and forge ahead. But that usually leads to drifting off course, away from your own center, creating even more of […]